Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Concealer - so perfectly good!

Pat McGrath launched a concealer system a few weeks ago which consisted of an under eye concealer, a powder, and an under eye brush which is said to mimic Pat’s magic tapping fingers.
As of now I sadly only have the concealer. The powder and brush sold out before I got up and South Africa is ahead in time, so fans must have waited as it dropped online. They are definitely on my wishlist, as the concealer has fast become my favorite, together with my much loved and empty Armani Power Fabric Concealer. For reference I’m shade 5 in the Armani. 

Pat McGrath Concealer in shade 10
Pat McGrath Concealer is housed in a heavy, luxe, typical concealer tube with doe foot applicator. Nothing new here. The formula however is a beautifully crafted concealer/skincare hybrid that is a lightweight gel-like formula.  Pat’s ‘vita - serum complex’ which helps with the creation of hyaluronic acid and ceramides helps fight wrinkles and plump out skin. When applied straight from the applicator onto the under eye area, I mistakenly thought it was quite thick. With one swipe, the gel- cream smooths out with ease, depositing a good amount of pigmented product which melts into the skin effortlessly. It has a medium buildable coverage they can be sheered out or built up with ease. This concealer has a skin-like finish with almost glossy look- your skin but more polished. I look refreshed on contact. I chose shade 10 which is the same shade as my Pat McGrath foundation.  I bought it online without seeing any swatches. It is recommended you should chose a shade down for a brightening effect and a shade up or two for contour. Shade 10 was a perfect fit. I was concerned if I chose a shade too light, it would make me look ill, as lighter ‘brightening’ shades tend to do that to me. I guess if I had the chance to play with a number of shade I could choose a peachier shade to counteract days that I am harbouring eye bags and darkness. I could play with two or threes tones. However without the luxury of Pat in country this can’t happen. I might just have order sight unseen again..

Concealer shade 10, Foundation shade 10
I have really enjoyed using this concealer. It does not exacerbate fine lines or make them appear worse through the day. In fact, my under eyes really look better and fresher than when I woke up. I wish I had the powder. I wonder how would compare with my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder which I’ve used since it was launched. 

Concealer and Foundation  in sunlight
This is a winner for me. It moves with many expressions and does not oxidize. It pairs perfectly with my Pat McGrath foundation. Since I’m out of my Armani I’m thrilled to have this to useđź’™

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation and Primer: Review and swatches

So I thought it would be fitting to do a review on the Pat McGrath Foundation and Primer on the eve of the launch of her complimenting concealer system which will be available from tomorrow on her site. Pat McGrath started her line with her amazing mothership eyeshadow palettes. These are drool-worthy, with excellent formulations in her mattes, satins, metallics and glitters. These are definitely investment pieces but with the further launch of smaller palettes and single shadows, her brand has become accessible to all budgets. The foundation and primer were launch around July last year.

A well-loved duo of the Pat McGrath primer and foundation
I was lucky in choosing a shade off reviews and the site itself and ended up with shade 10. It is described as ‘Light Medium w/ peach neutral undertones”. Without really knowing if the any shades would be a more perfect match, shade 10 is a good match for me. Much has been said about alcohol being high on the inkey list, I have had no adverse reaction to its inclusion and quite probably benefit from it, as I tend towards oiliness. That being said, skin prep is always the key, whether you have dry or oily skin. The texture of the foundation is light and serum-like. I like to give it a quick shake before dispensing one pump for a light cover, and a second, to go back on area’s that need extra care.
Fingers give a more natural sheer look, and with a brush I can build to a medium, more polished complexion. The foundation does have an immediate grip to the skin and dries down relatively quickly. I do not find it oxidizes. Depending on various factors, including how much I’ve used, powdered, oiliness of my skin on the day, if I have used retinol or acids the night before which tend to dehydrate my skin, will reflect the longevity of the foundation.
It gives your skin a healthy, glossy finish. I typically powder, to preserve the integrity of the foundation as I have mentioned the oily nature of my skin.
The primer is also nice for some added hydration. I’m not sure if it ensures longer wear, but it provides a fresh canvas for the foundation. I would have loved for it to come in the same glass bottle, but perhaps in black, rather than the plastic one it comes it.
The foundation for me is the star of the show. I cannot wait for the concealer, setting powder and brush trio!

Primer, Shade 10

Friday, 14 February 2020

Roen Beauty: will make you feel every bit an ‘It’ girl

Roen Beauty has been in my cart for months, but since shipping to South Africa was not (yet) an option, it was a desire unfulfilled. After many attempts I finally have two of their amazing products in my possession. I purchased the 75*  Warm palette and the Disco eye. Here is my review:

Uber luxe packaging
Let’s start with the Warm palette. An array of warm brown, taupes, butter gold and amber, these shades are set within a compact case that has a magnetized closure. It’s also happens to be a perfect size for on the go touch ups or travel. All shades have a pigmented base with  gleaming sparkles throughout. The effect on the eye, is a on-trend ‘lived in’ look that makes me feel both feminine and ‘cool girl’ all at once. Initially, dip your finger in to warm the product and get to the good stuff. I have applied mostly with my fingers and then used a brush to diffuse and blend. Nikki Dust is my all over shade. I add either J’adore for a more sunset tone or Facetime to add depth to Nikki Dust. The shade ,Obviously can be used in the inner corner or as a pop on the centre of the lid. Of course us, each shade can be used as single washes or mixed to create so many looks. These shadows, are perfect for white tee and jean days as well as all night parties. My main concern was, was it going to crease. While I don’t mind a bit of creasing, on my oily lids it can become unflattering. So let me tell u the skinny. No creasing when I have worn it without and with primer. It also lasts excellently all day. I was curious about the texture since much has been written about it. It feel creamy to the touch but it is unlike any other eyeshadow in my collection. It is especially unique and I’m in love!

75* Warm Palette Disco Eye, 

J’adore*Facetime*Nikki Dust*Obviously
Roen Disco Eye is a topper as well as a ethereal stand alone shade. Drier and grittier to the touch, this shadow has a combination of small and larger glitter flecks which impart a magnificent shine on the eyes. When applied, their are no discernible particles and the effect is beyond pretty. I do have a love for sparkle and this is truly one of the best I’ve tried.

Disco eye

I would have bought the 52* Cool palette, but wanted to experience the warm palette before investing in both palettes. I am now disappointed that I have to wait, again for it to arrive. Nikki (Roen’s creator) has teased at a new color palette early in 2020 as well as a new category (other than the Wow Brow pencils). Roen ticks all the boxes needed for a ‘now’ brand being vegan, cruelty free and clean. This brand is now fully on my radar.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise review and swatches on


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Monday, 16 November 2015

Dolce and Gabbana : Roll out the welcome mat! Sophia Loren and more!

A new era in South Africa - an exciting launch of a brand never seen here. Murmurings of Dolce and Gabbana arriving have been heard as long as 18mnths ago, dismissed as rumour I was thrilled to see the unveiling of a gorgeous sparkly D & G Beauty concession.
Not only do they seemingly have a full line up of product, but they launched with the Sophia Loren lip colour. We always seem to be way behind launches or even never receive them. This bodes well for this fledgling brand (in SA anyway). Let's move on to the mini haul.

Since I actually do not own any Dolce and Gabbana makeup, it was really hard to know where to start as there are so many pretty things to look at. My internet search did not help much as D & G seems to be on the whole overlooked where beauty bloggers are concerned. I'm not sure why, as the products I picked are seriously amazing in all round performance. 

Lushie Eyeshadow Quad, Glam Liner in Earth Brown
First up I chose Lushie Smooth Eyeshadow Quad (146). I have a penchant for red shadows and this was a good mix of taupe's, red and a deep bark shade. The first shade is a soft pink taupe which work as great all- over colour or transition shade. The second shade is a medium taupe. Both these shades have a soft iridescence.The pop colour is a matte red that blends really well . The last shade is a almost matte bark brown. All of them are well pigmented, blend smoothly and lasted a full day without loosing impact. The packaging lightweight and sleek.

L-R Lushie quad, Glam Liner, Sphia Loren No 1, Praline Gloss

Glam Liner Intense Liquid Eyeliner is up next. I purchased Earth Brown which is described as a 'warm brown shimmer'. I tend to prefer pen type liquid liners but fell in love with this rich brown sparkle. I have found the applicator fairly easy to use to create the perfect cats eye. The liner stays on with no flaking . My Bioderma eventually got it off, but those not wanting to rub use a slightly stronger makeup remover. It has some serious staying power! The rest of the colours look just as good and glossy.

Sophia Loren Signature Lipstick - a lipstick somewhere between a gloss and a cream lipstick. A hydrating lipstick that stays on your usual timeframe. It is quite fragranced similar to my Givenchy and Burberry lipsticks. I loved it applied with a lipstick brush. It gives it a slightly more glossy and transparent effect. This reads more raspberry than red as described on my lips. The packaging is lightweight as well but I would prefer a slightly more luxurious casing with a magnetic closure with such a high end product. The DG logo on the lipstick always a nice touch!

Sophia Loren No.1

Sheer Shine Gloss in Praline (102) is my first gloss from Dolce and Gabbana. The gloss has a sticky feel which helps it stay longer. The same scent as the lipstick. The gloss feels hydrating and leaves a soft feel long after it has worn of. It is a high shine gloss with a cellophone finish. This has sheer pigmentation which adds a veil of colour on my pigmented lips or deepens a lighter lipstick worn as a base.

Sheer Shine Gloss in Praline

I have enjoyed using each and every item. I am testing their foundations and am duly impressed! Review soon including their primer! I think a visit to their gorgeous counter will not disappoint.