Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Viseart Palette Basic 01- Matte

This palette is what legends are made of....... I finally took the plunge about three months ago and bought the Viseart Matte palette . After hearing murmurings about the must have matte palette that all the makeup artists in hollywood use, I knew I had to have it. Reviews and pictures of this palette were harder to find than a real life unicorn, but after my 'research' that this is the most used product on TV shows , where I think the makeup is beautiful etc etc. I pulled the trigger and never looked back. This palette can create dramatic contouring, can be used for brows and wet as liners - it is a true makeup artist work horse . For lil' 'ol me, it is the perfect neutral matte palette.

The packaging is more like a pro palette and less like a luxe offering I am used to, but I guess it make me feel more like a pro. From the pictures you can see the 12 shadows are housed in a sturdy plastic casing with a clear top. Nothing fancy, but practical for the true makeup artist. All the shades are true mattes, with no satins or shimmers at all. They tend to kick up powder when placing your brush in to pick up product, yet have no fall out when placed on the eye. So while they do not have an overtly creamy consistency, they are not dry at all. From the swatches you can see there is a large selection of peach tones, warm coppers, taupes, and finally a cool dark grey and sooty black. They all blend well for matte shades.

Since I struggled to find swatches of this palette, I do hope this has been helpful. I would love to extend my Viseart collection.  They have have a beautiful pearl and  a matte darks palette but am still looking for good swatches to make my picks!!

This is not a necessity, but for a beauty lover it just might be.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

By Terry Riviera Collection Summer 2014 - Tea to Tan and Cheek to Cheek

By Terry gets my vote for constantly thinking out of the box. I picked up the Cheek to Cheek in Cherry Cruise when it first came out and just added the Tea to Tan in Bronze Bay. These are must haves for all beauty lovers. I bought mine both from SpaceNK.

What I love about the Tea to Tan is that this is the most natural bronzer effect you will ever get. The awkward drop applicator aside, I simply put a drop or two in my palm and dab a synthetic, densely packed brush into it and sweep along my cheeks, forehead, down the centre of my nose. Buff it in and I'm looking healthy and sun kissed. No Jersey Shore here. As the name says, just the Riviera baby! You can go back in with more product and build, but it is a subtle and soft effect that just oozes chic. This can also be added to any foundation to add warmth. Also do not forget to shake to disperse the pearlescent goodness that collects at the base, yet does not translate into a glitter ball at all on the face.

The Cheek to Cheek is a strawberry stain that gives a youthful flush to my cheeks. Again you cannot overdo this product. You can layer over the Tea to Tan. The stain effect is so nice for hot days as it looks light and fresh on my skin. Both products have a translucent quality and allows for your natural skin tone to shine through. They both have a distinct By Terry rose scent. I think it's pretty. By Terry also likes to add skincare benefits and these two are no different. Packed with ingredients that have antioxidants and also help to detoxify and revitalise are an added plus for me! High end brand can no longer do makeup without adding skincare benefits- its a trend thats here to stay.

Dropped straight from the pipette

Tea to Tan, Cheek to Cheek freshly swatched

Tea to Tan, Cheek to Cheek buffed and dried down
These do not have any real staining qualities and come off with ease at the end of the day. I have been using mine in our winter months, so if you are in the throes of summer these would be even more perfect for you. These are limited edition (drat!) as far as I know, so do not wait to long before buying them.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks- Las Salinas, Es Vedra and Moon Beach

Let me just put it out there I do not like the cold! An african winter pales in comparison to other locations, but boy I just want to hibernate! (that is my humble apology for being lax on the post front).
I had a few products on my radar and pounced as soon as they were released - Charlotte Tilbury's much anticipated Beach Sticks. I stopped myself at three but as soon as I can I will round up my collection with the remaining 2 - these are fantastic! I purchased Las Salinas (warm pink), Moon Beach (peach) and Es Vedra (poppy orange).

L-R Las Salinas, Moon Beach, Es Vedra

The cheek stick are housed in lightweight rose gold tubes - it feels almost weightless. Cute bubbles of colour greet me when I uncap them. Texture-wise they are feather-light and with a few quick finger movements sit softly on my cheeks - giving them a fresh pop of colour. In my experience these have a less silicone feel than the original Nars multiples and they blend easier and sit more realistically on my skin. Blended in these give a great stain effect.
There is a whole press 'spiel' with regard to their naming - each is named after a beach in Ibiza and each shade is meant to mimic the effect after a week in the sun at these exotic locations - romantic notions turned into reality!

Es Vedra, Moon Beach, Las Salinas straight from bullet
These colours are spot on and all work on my skintone. Es Vedra was my answer to Nars Multiple in Siam that I had been lusting after. This gives me a healthy pop and sexy 'sunburnt' glow - huh! Try it and it will make sense. There is no pink undertone here so it does not look like a bad case of hives either. Las Salinas is a pretty coral pink that gives me soft pop of! Moon Beach was described as similar to Nars Orgasm. Not to me - it compliments my complexion much better. This is perfect for a look with a stronger eye, naked glowing cheek. Some have used this as a highlighter shade - for me it is definitly a cheek colour. For deep skintones it would work as such. This shade can be mixed with the others to create a new shade - double duty! All shades have some degree of shimmer (all rose gold) in the swatches, but on the cheek it really translates as a glow. There are also meant to be some long term benefits good for the skin. They are hydrating and last well on my oily skin. You can also use them on your lips- not my first choice , but if you had to ....yes.
Es Vedra, Moon Beach, Las Salinas blended out
So to wrap it up I love these new lovelies from Charlotte Tilbury.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Surratt artistique eyeshadow palette - Enchantress, Patine, Marron, Dore, Haute Chocolate and Ravissante and some Link Love!

Today I would like to share with you my second Surrat palette, that I have had since March, but have yet to review for you. I thought that since the lucky 'buggers' in the UK have now got full access to Surratt at Liberty, it would be the appropriate time to showcase these beautiful eyeshadows. I initially reviewed four of these here. I can only once again gush over the creaminess and all round 'Awesomeness' of these shadows. With this palette I went with almost gem toned look, with a tawny lavender thrown in for good measure. In my frenzy excitement when ordering, I seemed to reorder the bestselling Patine. I was only momentarily upset at the lost opportunity of owning another Surratt shade, but then realising how much I love Patine from my original palette I was calmed (keep calm and all that:))
So behold my six beauties in order from T-B then T-B again -: Enchantress (steel gray), Marron (russet wine) Ravissante (tawny lavender), Patine, Haute Chocolate (golden brown), Dore (golden taupe)

All six happy in their new palette

Enchantress, Patine, Marron, Haute Chocolate, Ravissante, Dore

Beautiful Textures
I am ready to push 'buy' on more of these luxurious shadows. I am loving compiling my Surratt palettes. I do wish that Liberty will stock these empty palettes online, as I have not seen them available.
I also bought Guimauve blush, which I will feature soon with some of the lovely lipslique lip shades.
Update: Large compact case is now available!

I would also like to show my love and admiration (my fave reads) with a little Link Love :-
The ever lovely Belly at Wondegondigo - I blame her for the start of my Japanese beauty love affair and even more for her witty commentary on life and makeup. I envy her photography skills.
My Frond (no typo here) Gummyvision - I adore her and her funny conversations about makeup, age and life.
Sara at Colormeloud - I would love to live in this makeup draw- always the first review that I need to see on the latest products. Eye looks to die for!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato - Spiced Orange (CR 04), Berry Berry (PK 01) and Milky Framboise (PK 02)

The SOFT matte is the new trend of spring 2014 and I love it!. So is the trend of a lip and cheek duo use product that mix and match.This is definitely their moment. I recently reviewed the delectable YSL kiss and blush creations here, and today bring you there ' doppelgänger' the Shu Uemura tint in gelato' ! (..........secrets out, I watch the Vampires Diaries!) I chose three pretty shades sight unseen: Spiced Orange ( -a fresh coral), Berry Berry (- bright hot pink) and Milky Framboise (- Rose). If you look at both reviews you will see I almost selected the same colour array in each brand.

Shu Uemura has opted for a lip gloss type casing with a pointed oval applicator similar to the YSL. I like this version for 'in my bag' purposes , but love the little 'paint pot' look of the YSL. Both have narrow necks to stop excess product on the applicator. The gelato is highly pigmented, but slightly less mousse-like like the YSL, but rather creamier than the YSL. I find the SHU gives a stronger pop of colour on the lips and the cheeks at first swipe. The YSL is softer and you will have to build colour intensity. I also need a few swipes on the lips to get a bold look. The SHU gives colour more quickly, but can still be blended for a softer look. One swipe gives a strong colour on my lips, yet I find these slightly more drying than the YSL. I also think the SHU lasts longer on my oily cheeks. As mentioned above, the finish on the cheek is a soft matte. This means no sheen or glow, but soft colour that is matte with no harsh line- almost blurred. It has the same look on my lips. These both are fun to use but I think the YSL win by a nose (freeze frame to check!), but seriously it like splitting hairs, both are lovely.

Spiced Orange (CR04), Berry Berry (PK01), Milky Framboise (PK02)

All three blended out- longevity!

Are you a fan of the new cheek/lip duo's?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Presenting: Giorgio Armani New Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush - Flesh (507), Daybeak (503) Blush (506) and Dolci (305)

So.... I went on a short unexpected hiatus, in the form of a quick holiday and a recurring flu that sadly kept me from regular blogging duties. This did not mean I did not get some amazing products in the past few weeks. I first bought two Giorgio Armani new Cheek Fabrics when they first came out and added two more shades as I absolutely loved them and had to get some more. I have to say I have never used the now discontinued original formula, but these new powder blushes are absolutely amazing and satisfy both my love for polished looks and clown face fantasies. So, today I am happy to be presenting to you the new Cheek Fabrics!

Housed in sleek round black packaging, the blush compact comes with a mirror. The blush is finely milled and never kicks up any excess powder when applying. The blush is a sheer, buildable formula and starts out soft. This is not to say they are not pigmented but allows for you to control the amount you apply to suit the look you want to achieve. The exception is Flesh which has obviously brighter pigment, which needs more finesse when applying it, due to the nature of the shade itself. I think what also appeals to me is the universally flattering shade selection which is meant to really enhance the natural beauty of every woman. The blush does not cover your skin but due to its sheer nature (think see-thru Armani fabric), it allows it to sit like a veil of colour on your skin without ever looking powdery or over done.

Blush, Flesh, Daybreak, Dolci

Dolci, Daybreak, Blush, Flesh
Dare I say, these are more-ish! Daybreak has a slight sparkle on swatching, but on the cheek it give no hint of sparkle, but only the most refined, polished effect. A nude cheek that makes my cheek bones uber- model worthy. Dolci is an unfussy fresh melon shade that is perfect for spring. Flesh is a cool pink pop shade that is hard to over do. Lastly, Blush is a soft rose shade, also with the barest hint of a sparkle - but come on it's Armani sparkle, so expect subtle and 'uptown'.

There is no more to say on these delightful new blushes. Are you enamoured as much as I am?:)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Surratt Diaphane Loose Powder Compact in Eclatant

In my recent Troy Surrat frenzy, haul, purchase I decided to get his loose powder. I had recently purchased the excellent Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush flawless finish powder reviewed here, which has fast become my favourite powder. It now has stiff competition from Surratt's loose version. I am no stranger to finishing powders, and have a pretty good collection ranging from Hourglass Ambient lighting powders, Chantecaille HD perfecting powder, Suqqu Nuancing pressed powder, By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat and Nars light reflecting pressed powder. While I have been fairly satisfied with the array of effects I got from these powders none hit the mark perfectly. I am now one 'happy camper'. Between my Charlotte Tilbury and Troy Surratt I can now end my quest (yes!) and I will tell you why.

The Surratt Diaphane powder is a compact and refill system. The squoval (ovalish square-like egg) compact has a soft satin touch and the subtle Surrat gradient colouring and logo. A sleek refill pops into the compact. The compact is lightweight and great to throw in my handbag for quick touch ups. A loose powder on the go is quite unheard of. I prefer a pressed powder for its unmessy storage and use. I think Surratt got this pretty much under control. A cute powder puff applicator sits above and away from the loose powder below. A sheer net allows for the powder to be kept in place. I have had a bit of wayward powder, but that is due me tossing my handbag about with abandon. The powder puff works well to press the product into my skin. I use a powder brush at home before leaving for the day.

There is a choice of Eclantant and matte. I was initially going to purchase the matte, but the helpful counter manager* at Barney's Chicago, suggested the Eclatant instead. She said the Eclatant would give a natural finish to the skin, while still having the same oil control properties as the matte. Oil Control was one of the main reasons I had really never settled on a holy grail powder before (I love this one that much). I also had concern, as Eclatant is described as having a luminous finish. My skin, surely does not need any help in that department, as it is oily and has oily breakthrough very quickly.
This powder is supremely fine and soft. It blurs my pores which is a characteristic of oilier skins. It gives my skin a truly airbrushed finish while still be light and undetectable. The Charlotte Tilbury has a few shades, while the Troy Surrat is an universal shade. Do not be alarmed if on application it may look white. A quick sweep of my powder puff and it vanishes and so does my shine. This has the best oil control properties of all the powder I own. If I need to touch up it does not cake and still looks light as air. It does not settle into any fine line or accentuate any dehydration. So for me it does it all - perfects, blurs, mattefies*, and increased the longevity of my foundation. This is definitely worth checking out.

*I would just like to note the service I received from  Elizabeth @ the Surratt counter at Barney's Chicago. I had family visiting Chicago and decided to call in advance to reserve the Surratt items for easy pickup by my courier pigeon. Elizabeth was extremely helpful over the phone, with both the Surratt products and colour picks (more goodies to be reviewed soon) as well as securing me a Barney's spring goody bag and other extra samples! My courier pigeon also expressed how nice she was on picking up my purchase. You may contact her directly on 312 596-1099 for all things Surratt.
*mattefies, mattyfies or mattefyzzzzzz- I have tried spelling this and used it, but it always shows up red and incorrect!

Please leave me your comments and recommendation on which powders you consider (drum roll please) holy grail!?