Friday, 2 November 2012

Givenchy Acoustic Colors Collection Fall 2012

I did not realize that Givenchy was such a hard to find brand (as we get it where I live), though collections come in extremely limited quantities (something like 2 items of each product per concession). I see that Sephora carries it and still has their 2012 Fall collection in stock. I keep on overlooking my Givenchy quads, and I'm not sure why - they have a good colour selection with wonderful textures. The quad I bought was no exception - Le Prisme Yeus - Accoustic Quatour Colour and Shine for Metallic Eyes in Acoustic Harmony (80). This was apparently inspired by the connection between music, emotion, sound and colour. These colour seem a random collection but can be layered and played with to create counless look. They are high in shine and interspersed with divine chunky glitter that makes your eyes twinkle. Watch out for fallout - I did not mind as my makeup looked lived in. This is my eyes little black dress for a night on the town.  I hate to say it I did wear this in the day, but I guess it would not be appropriate for office use unless in the creative industry, What I love about this quad is that not only did it have sparkle but a big punch of well pigmented colour as well. This compact quad has hidden brushed that are below the quad - good for travel.

The next item I bought from the collection was the Rouge Interdit Shine Acoustic Wild Rose (29) lipstick. Swatched on the hand it comes on quite metallic, but on the lips it is sheer, softly metallic, my lips but better colour. It is described as a 'shimmering plum'. The bullet is firmer than most lipstick, but it is really comfortable to wear. It does have that classic (old- fashioned?) scent which I don't really care for, but it dissipates after a while. The lipstick being sheer does not have staying power.

Acoustic Wild Rose Lipstick

To really make this collection rock I had to get the lipgloss- Gelée D'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine Acoustic Wild Rose (18). Non-sticky and moist is how I would describe it. Beautiful ruby  and pink micro-glitter supended in clear gloss, with no grittiness. This gloss has a cocktail of ingredients good for plumping, smoothing and hydrating. I can definitely vouch for its hydrating properties but have not used it long enough to ascertain if it has any smoothing effect. Plumping- not that I have seen. The scent is a lot stronger than the lipstick, so those scent adverse would have a hardtime with this, though it is really nice. I wear this over the Accoustic Wild Rose lipstick for added sparkle. With this in mind I think this would have made an awesome christmas collection - jewel tones and sparkle!

Out of focus to show sparkle

L-R Lipstick, Gloss, Gloss over Lipstick

Please keep in mind these swatches are coming up muddy and are actually more rose in reality.
Overall, this is a well-edited concise collection. There were other item, but they were not as exciting as these- their was a colour changing clear gloss but sadly, we did not get it here. So if you can find these limited edition items - get them as they are unique!
Givenchy really offers such beautiful makeup, and I will definitely make a point of using them more often.

Which brands do you love but keep on forgetting to use?


  1. What a beautiful collection this is! The Wild Rose gloss is lovely on you and, in my experience, the Gelee formula is so delightfully non-sticky. The colors in the quad are also so neutral and useable!


    --The Beauty Professor

    1. Thank you Beauty Professor-I am loving the gelee formula- Givenchy really comes out with some real gems!