Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor - a salute to blues

I've heard about Lipstick Queen. A brand built around just lipstick (okay I know many big hitters like Bobbi Brown and Edward Bess started as such), but they seemed to have remained true to their focus, and remain to be just a lipstick brand.
Well, call me reformed and racked over the knuckles! Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor has made me into a believer! This cute blue bullet has immediately won a place in my heart and made me want more Lipstick Queen.

Firstly, what a fantastic formula. Lightweight and creamy, with no stickiness. My lips feels moisturised and comfortable. Lipstick Queen comes in two textures, Saints and Sinners. This would belong to the Saints family I presume as it has a sheer wash of colour. The Sinners being highly pigmented. The blueberry colour makes your teeth appear that bit whiter and gives such a nuanced sexiness. It's as if you are wearing bare lips, but they are enveloped in a subtle wash of BLUE. This blue I have tried to capture in the swatch. It is a midnight blue that will read differently on everyone's lips as it deepens your natural colouring, and is darker where your lips are more pigmented. I have quite pigmented lips and this adds a veil of berry colour with a sheen to it. Blue Lipstick. Not a gimmick at all, quite genius in fact!

The packaging is modern and fun. Hello Sailor is in a unfussy, simple metallic blue casing. I adore the monochromatic blue on blue of this product . It has a futuristic feel to me. This can be worn alone or it is suggest that it is layered over the berry shades in the Lipstick queen line up or in your lipstick lineup.

This formula is full of Vitamin E- no wonder my lips feel so good.

Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor is so wearable. Lipstick Queen is now on my radar and I am determined to build up my collection! I would love to hear your recommendations!


  1. I think this is such a great idea for a wearable color. it looks so intimidating in the tube but so wonderful on your lips!

    1. Thanks Belly- the pics do not do it justice tho'. The formula is also worth the plunge in Lipstick Queen territory! Have u any LQ ?

    2. no, none! Although I see them at Barneys I've never been super interested in trying the brand.

    3. The few times I have been in SpaceNK I have 'walked on by' - there are so many brands out there, sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees!

  2. LOLOL I first saw the blue and thought omigosh!!! It looks beautiful on you...nice to see it adjusts :-)