Friday, 10 January 2014

Introducing : Surratt Artistique eyeshadow in Soie, Cuivre, Patine, Ombre and the sweet Artistique blush in Se Pomponner

On my agenda for Barney's revamped beauty floor (pristine white) was the Surratt counter. This fledgling brand was much hyped and likened to my favourite Japanese brands. This would make sense as the creator , Troy Surratt spend a lot a time in Japan perfecting his new line. It was really quite impossible to make choices in one visit, but I came away with a gorgeous palette of pretty neutrals, a 'pop' blush and a new love for Suratt. The single eyeshadows come in a slimline acrylic case with sliding top. I love the system where these can slide off and the pans are stuck into a bigger Surratt case to make your custom palette. I did mull over the price of the case, as I could have bought another shade or the case. I chose the case, of which I am glad, as I now have a portable Surratt mini look. My cheek shade is also housed in the compact for a complete story. I'm one happy girl!

There were quite a few all-over/highlight shades. I settled for Soie - a pretty pearlescent peach-toned champagne. I then chose Ombre - a matte muted taupe. This works so well as and all over wash or for adding definition to your crease (a workhorse shade). My favourite must have shade is Cuivre - a beautiful sepia with ultrafine rose gold sparkle.  Soie pairs very well with Cuivre. My 'deepen' shade is Patine - a muted dark grape which can read grey. This is shot through with a soft gold sparkle. Both sparkle components of Cuivre and Patine are really so fine. You cannot feel them and they meld with the shadows seamlessly. The texture of all the shadows are creamy and extremely similar to my Addiction by Ayako shadows (reviewed here and here). They blend like a dream and last the whole day, while remaining vibrant and crease free. I purchased Se Pomponner Artistique Blush. A candy pink colour, which shouts from the pan. It can however be softly applied with a soft, less dense blush brush (Suqqu) which allows the bright pigment to kiss the cheeks for a pretty flush.

L-R T-B Soie, Cuivre, Ombre, Patine, Se Pomponner

I think the Surratt shadow range has got so much to offer - neutrals, electric shades, sooty crease shades. This is coupled with sublime textures - matte, satin, iridescent, sparkle, While some shades might be dupable, the superb calibre of these shadows shine through. I wish I bought more!!! I will review the 2 Lipslique twisting lipsticks and Smokey Eye Baton I also purchased in the coming weeks. I wish I bought more! My wishlist for Surratt is already full - my other picks would be eyeshadows in Marron, Truffle, Enchantress,Brun Noir and Noir Le Plus Noir. If there is a fairy g-dmother for all things beauty...... I would take the whole 24 colour spectrum!

L-R Soie, Cuivre, Ombre, Patine,  Se Pomponner

Applied wet

Textures captured

Note: I have named this with the prefix "Introducing" - this series will show new brands, new products and new launches - we will see how it evolves. If it become redundant it will become redundant.

With Love


  1. Darn you and belly and all your surratt stuffs!!!!!! LOL :-) I'm trying to wait for the barneys love yourself bag event to splurge on surratt...ack and you just added to my list!! Love the glad to hear it was worth it!

    1. Gummy have your finger at the ready, for when the Barney's love yourself bag event happens - you will love Surratt. The palette just complete's it and makes it more accessible. What is on your list?

  2. That last shot! *dies*
    I really like the palette you put together -- complex neutrals with that bright acid pink. It reminds me a bit of Addiction's spring collection :)

    1. Thank you Kate - that last shot really highlights the 'droolworthy' nature of the different textures. I could make a few more 'just' neutrals palettes from Surratt. They were all so pretty. Have you been able to get any Surratt yet? The Addition spring does look very neutral- I have a footlong list of Addiction singles I still want to purchase. xx

  3. That palette looks gorgeous! I love that it has a bright cheek color with beautiful neutral shades. Great for travel too :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  4. Hi Suzanne,
    I love everything about this palette- glad u like it too!

  5. omg... i need to get my hands on some Surratt!!! I love that palette you got!