Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blusher in Love Is The Drug

Okay, so I know I have reviewed quite a bit of Charlotte Tilbury of late, but all these beautiful product were part of a British haul I managed to get recently. I have one or two more amazing products still to review, but today I bring you my second CT blush Love Is The Drug.

It is housed in a cute, lightweight compact. I love the etched Charlotte Tilbury logo and star. This shade seems more true to the 'swish and pop' action suggested for application of this blusher, with a vibrant pink shade in the centre. Love glow in comparison has the lighter shade in the middle. The outer shade has a satin finish which is to be applied all over the cheek. It is a fresh pink with subtle iridescence, which imparts the cheek with a soft glow. The inner circle is a shot of 'almost' highlighter pink which should suit many skin tones. The finish is a match to the outer ring. It is buildable leaving your cheeks with a believable natural flush a' la Tilbury. No excess powder is picked up when swirling my brush. Love Glow is more coral, with the two shades very similar in colour. 

Two shades mixed together

Love Is The Drug is my second CT blush, but my first to review. Finely milled and highly pigmented are just two of the great attributes of this blusher. Next up on the Tilbury review list will be her Light Wonder Foundation.....


  1. Hi Jo, lovely review, I have Love Glow but it's very shimmery. I also own Love Is the Drug so am pleased this looks less shimmery!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  2. Hi Stacey- Love glow does have more a shimmer- I was just as happy as you to see this was more satin. I see that u have just done a wonderful review on the new Hourglass blusher - do u have a preference between CT or the Hourglass?

  3. Hi Jo,

    I've been adding this (and several other pieces) to my cart, then deleting them. I want to try CT products so badly, but I've been hesitating because my skin has managed to get even more sensitive lately. I'm nervous to buy before I try, but you're definitely tempting me. :)

  4. Sensitivity is quite tricky and one can never be sure how our skin's will react. I had to return a Tom Ford quad that I loved but my eyes just watered for dayz. I love my CT products but it might be trial and error for you- maybe start with one item and go from there!