Friday, 3 May 2013

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass Mineral Primer is one of Hourglass's hero products. Every time I went into a Space.NK and asked what I should buy from Hourglass (when I was investigating the brand), all the SA's declared ' Mineral Primer'
This wonderful primer has a minimal SPF of 15 and works well under Hourglass's Veil Fluid Makeup ( reviewed here) as well as under all my other foundations. What is quite remarkable about this primer is that it renders foundation water resistant , so makes the longevity of the foundation increase and is perfect for warmer climates.

The product is white when you pump it out (one pump is all I need) but is absolutely clear once smoothed onto your face. It does have a silky silicone feel to it, but this also disappears a few minutes after application.
It is described as suitable for all skin types. It works well on my oily skin (it's oil free), and I cannot believe it will be harsh on dryer skin types . The products slides on and minimizes the appearance of my pores and had a slightly 'blurring' effect, as my skin had the look of porcelein. I do not have major redness, but it is meant to dampen that too. This is free from all nasties like parabens, phlalates, sulphate a, fragrance and is vegan friendly, which I'm guessing means no animal derivates??
Tip: I was advised in order to lighten my Hourglass Veil Fluid makeup for winter months when my skin tends to go lighter, I should add my Veil Mineral Primer 2:1 (1 being the primer) as their lighter shade I think leans too pink. I have tried this and it works a charm!
Hourglass does not have a large inventory of products, but I can say that when they do it they do it well!
It is my go to primer at the moment, but I am slowly changing over to their No. 28 Primer Serum, as we are going into Autumn and my skin is prickly with dehydration. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - Gotta have it!

Do you love a good face primer or forgo it all together?


  1. hi! i also love this primer! have you tried this with the GA Maestro? I don't know if they work well together. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Hi - I have just used the mineral veil with the original Armani maestro - went on smooth- no pilling. Looks great!

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    1. My Pleasure - what primer are u using at the moment?