Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar

Tom Ford offers two formula's in a gloss - the Ultra Shine Lipgloss and Lip Laquer (which is clear unless in a limited collection). I purchased the high shine lipgloss in Sugar Pink, which is full of pigment but still a bit sheer?? Yes, a bit of a dichotomy.
Housed in a clear, solid 'tube', with a brown lid and gold trim. Very posh and keeping with the whole Tom Ford simplistic elegant look.

It is creamy but still quite sticky, but this is to be expected for such a glossy finish. Wear time is like most tacky glosses, a little longer than most, longer if you do not consider talking, eating or drinking essential! My lips are moisturised and do not feel dry after it wears off. It comes with a very firm brush applicator, which it makes it easy to apply.

Sugar Pink is a delicate sweet girly pink. This offsets many of Tom Ford's bold eyecolour quads very well. These would pair well with his Lip Colours in the lighter range like Pink Adobe or Spanish Pink.

I would definitely buy more of these glosses and there is an extensive range from soft pastels to violent purple! Do you like, love or hate Tom Ford Glosses?

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