Friday, 6 July 2012

Chanel Routes Des Indes De Chanel- Illuminating powder

The new limited edition Bombay Express De Chanel has just launched in our local stores. Of course, I rushed over to see this little nugget of a collection. A lipstick in a soft sheer nude (Empreinte), a soft gold nail polish (Diwali), a re-promote of Mirifique from the Illusion d 'Ombre range, a blush Brume d'Or Joues Contraste and the star of the collection, the gold illuminating powder Chanel Routes Des Indes De Chanel. I have to say a little sigh escaped me as I saw it for the first time. This is Chanel embossing at it's finest- this brocade pattern is almost to pretty to touch.

This powder is a beautiful true gold. Admittedly, there are large pieces of glitter which are only on the surface. Underneath is the finely-milled gold which buffs beautifully into the skin. I think warm-toned girls with love this product as it will accentuate the tone of their skin. It will look great as traditionally placed as a highlighter on the high points on the face (above cheekbones and brow bones). It can also be used over a bronzer over the whole cheek buffed in really well, and as a eyeshadow on it's own.

I would have to say that gold illuminators are not readily available, so this is quite nice to add to your collection. I'm not sure however if it is essential to your collection........
The Chanel Routes Des Indes De Chanel was the only product that called out to me. The other products in the collection were not as special or different from the usual Chanel line-up.

Which one of the products from the Bombay Express Collection do you just have to have?

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