Friday, 27 July 2012

Dr Perricone Advanced Face Firming Activator-my first holy grail product

Advanced Face Firming Activator , how do I love thee - let me count the ways...... I have to start my skincare holy grail list with this must have product fom Dr Perricone. I have been using this product for many years, as far back when it was just called Face Firming Activator! I have always had difficult skin - oily and blemish prone. I had always hoped (as we all do) that my skin would settle down before any wrinkles started. Alas, no such luck. So my problem was that most anti-ageing products were formulated for mature skin that tended to be drier, so the products were heavier, which was too much for my oily skin. Also, the products seemed to be too active, so I broke out from them.  

Then I tried AFFA-now let me count the ways- 

  •  This is a lightweight formula. For me, it forms part of my serum category and typically layered under my moisturizer . In my younger years I would use this on its own, with no moisturizer as I felt it gave enough moisture. I now top it with a moisturizer.
  •  When used at night my skin always felt refreshed on waking. Any blemishes looked less red. I have now learn't that the alpha lipoic acid in the product has anti-bacterial properties. It shows that it should be applied in the morning but I sometimes tweak my routine depending what I am using at the moment. 
  •  My skins hydration levels (from Sodium Hyaluronate) are boosted and my face looks toned.This is made possible by the ingredient DMAE which is a feature in many of Dr Perricone's products. I feel this wonder product has kept (most of) my fine lines at bay. My skin although oily tends to get dehydrated, so this really helps.
  •  My pores look more refined which is always a concern for us more oilier folk. The Alpha lipoic acid really works hard on pore size together with glycolic acid. Do not let the word "acid" scare you. I have had no irritation from AFFA and find it gentle on my skin. The texture of my skin is finer.
  •  I'd like to note that the scent of this product (from the DMAE) dissipates after a minute or two and after continued use I can't even smell anything.

Every skincare brands has their "spiel". I have found many of Dr Perricone products actually make an impact on my skin and it's backed by user-friendly science. AFFA just slots into whatever routine I am using as I "re-taylor" it from time to time. Anyone from about 25 upwards should consider an anti-aging product and this one is a good all- rounder. I do believe you should not wait for the lines to appear before starting on a basic anti-aging routine. As the adage says "prevention is better than cure". Advanced Face Firming Activator is my vanguard against aging and I loathe to be out of it. 

What product can you not do without?

P.S I have bought this product myself:)- many many times!

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