Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nars Fall 2012 - Nars at his best

The Nars Fall (or as we like to call it here Autumn) collection is about to be launched on on the 14th July and instores 1st August 2012. This is once again a beautiful yet surprising collection. Mr Nars has an eye for colour and always has new ways of mixing them. The trio High Society is a interesting mix of texture and shades which make's a warm transition into fall. The duo Vente Glace' adds the frosy feel with icy platinum and silver, which makes it a perfect compliment to the trio. What I really like about these colours is that that are so different from other Nars shades that I feel happy to purchase them, as they are all one-of-a-kind. The nail colour is aptly named Storm Bird, a deep sexy grey. The cheek colour Oulaw is a re-promote of a shade that everyone apparently loves. The lip colours are offered in a Velvet Gloss (More). a sheer lipstick (Autumn Leaves), a Larger than Life Gloss (Rouge Tribal) and a pure matte lipstick (Amsterdam)  which is the best matte lipstick I have found. The collection is rounded off with an icy accent Multiple (Undress Me). The different elements in this collection play off each other. The icy planes of the face are contrasted with jewel lips and strong eyes.

I definitely have my eye on the eye shadows, nail polish and perhaps the blush. This is a thoughtful, sophisticated, restrained yet bold collection which is does not dissapoint. With this collection about to arrive I am going to revisit Nars Summer 2012 before everyone forgets how beautiful it is. One lucky thing is that I'm about to go into to spring so my Marie-Galante and Ramatuelle will still be in heavy rotation.

Which Nars Fall items will be in your bag?

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