Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Addiction By Ayako Kohl Eyeliner in Night Dive

Addiction by Ayako is an amazing brand out of Japan and owned by beauty powerhouse Kose. Do not read further if you value your hard earned cash. Addiction is described on the website as "the sense of wanting"- this brand will drive that sense to its limit! The creative mind behind Addiction is Ayako. She was International make-up director for Nars - another of my favourite brands. Addiction has the interesting and surprising colour range of Nars together with the superb texture and quality found in many of the high-end Japanese brands. This makes for a stunning combination.
I bought the Kohl Eyeliner in Night Dive from their Fall 2012 collection, though I think it might become permanent (my japanese is non-existant). Cake Liner like these seem to be a mini trend as Bobbi Brown with be releasing one in an upcoming range. This pan is nice, because it come with two shades -Deep coal black and dark shimmering meridian blue.

This liner reminds me of the makeup of the geisha and how artfully the eye makeup was applied. You can created the same ink black eye with this kohl liner. It works well with an angled eyeliner brush or a thin pointed brush. A pressing motion with the angled brush - MAC 266 - is need to ensure less fallout. But, crisp lines are definitely achievable. A smudged effect can also be obtained. After laying down your line you could use a pencil brush like MAC 219 to soften the edges. It is buildable and an intense sooty line looks amazing.This wore until I took it off and it still looked fresh and precise.

Applied dry
The Kohl liners come in four variants. Addiction by Ayako single pans can be taken out and put in a compact case with other shadows or blushers. Quite creative in that it is one system- you as the customer do not have to have half your makeup in normal packaging and half in refill pans as they all snap out easily- this make it much better in my opinion.  I also bought two eyeshadows in Flash Back and Midnight Drive which will be reviewed soon. I bought my Addiction By Ayako product from
I really am enjoying using it and creating new looks with it......... the little devil on my shoulder is bidding me to buy MORE.

Which Japanese brands do you love?


  1. This, quite frankly, is the very first post which could convince me to purchase this liner duo. All swatches I've seen so far have been so la-la. EXCELLENT swatches & a super exclusive makeup taste!

  2. Perhaps you want to reduce the security check on commenting on your posts?? It's like so OTT it puts the casual comenter OFFFFFF!!

  3. Hi Buggsiebee-
    'Unfortunately' I have now found Addiction by Ayako and am loving it!
    The Kohl liner is an unusual product and worth getting-The other colours look beautiful too. Thanks for the heads up re my security- I was not aware I was like Fort Knox- let me know if the new security is a bit easier:)
    What Addiction products do you have and love?