Thursday, 22 August 2013

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadow in Rose Popilla 30, Scarab Violetta 33 and Blue Beetle 34

The Giorgio Armani collection called to me like I was some damned sailor being beckoned by a wailing banshee. With one look, I was ensnared and captured by this devilish collection.
There were 5 new limited ETK shadows and these three were my picks - Rose Popilla 30, Scarab Violetta 33 and Blue Beetle 34. All three are beautiful duochrome's.
My Rose Popilla as you can tell from the pics, came a little dishevelled, and was contracted away from the pot edges. I am assuming that it is still A-okay, even though none of my other ETK intense shadows have ever come this way. It also then cracked on top when I gently put my brush to the surface. Yet, it still applied well, though a bit drier than usual. Also these can be used wet.
Rose Popilla
Rose Popilla is a good base shade as it is quite neutral. Just when you think you have pinned down the colour of this shade it morphs into something completely different. Cream,Taupe, Pink, Peach and Grey - a nuance at every angle. For me a must have.
Scarab Violetta
 Scarab Violetta is the most pastel of the collection- but still not a 'princess' pastel, still has edge to it. A soft purple/silver concoction.
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle is the deepest shade. The swatch below shows its shy side. Full on it is quite a striking duck blue. This colour is shot through with a deeper dusky blue, which gives it a dirty look in certain light (punk dirty not 'I have not washed dirty').
Blue Beetle, Scarab Violetta, Rose Popilla
Even if you go away with just one of these from the collection, you can be happy that it is unique.

What has been your favourite Fall 2013 collection so far?


  1. My favorite collection this fall was definitely Armani's. almost picked up everything :-)) What is yours?

  2. Hi Sara,
    When I saw the Armani collection on your site my jaw hit the floor (best all round collection with every item a must have!)- thank you for your stellar swatches. I had to move heaven and earth to get this collection. The lipsticks are also so nice but did not order-so bye bye - sniff. - Tom Ford,Suqqu and Addiction by Ayako all have something that I would like- The Dior Bonne Etoile just arrived at counters here and while the green quad is similar to the Armani Venomous green, I want it as the textures are more metallic (come on talk me out of it!)