Friday, 9 August 2013

Nars Pierre Hardy blush in Boys Don't Cry

Nars released a collection in collaboration with shoe designer Pierre Hardy. True to his aesthetic the colour were a mismatched heaven, so meshed well with the Nars genius colour pairings. I came away with one of the two limited edition blushes, Boy's don't cry. I would have bought some of his duo nail polishes, but alas shipping of nail polishes is prohibited from most online stores. I am reviewing this only now, but have seen this blush still available, even though the new Realm of the sense and Soulshine blush palattes have arrived in stores. Apparently the new palettes have a new formula, not sure about Boy's don't cry, but I was extremely happy with it.

The blush itself is a feast for the eyes. There is an gold geometric overlay that wears off over time. It is a bright tangerine colour that is crisp and clear. This will add no muddiness to warmer skintones as the shade reads true and fresh on my cheeks. It is highly pigmented, but can still be slowly built up with a practised hand. I use my Suqqu blush brush as it allows for a buildable application. It adheres to the skin with no powdery finish

In the pic above there are a few sparkles, as I swatches when the overlay was still on the pan. This sparkle is gone once the overlay is brushed off. I initially resisted this blush and only bought it a few weeks after it's release, but am really happy with it's overall performance and unusual, but wearable colour! The new Nars palettes are already calling my name and I'm sure I will find it hard to resist.

What has been your favourite summer blush!

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  1. Great review! I also really adored this blush. I'm still beating myself up for passing on the nail polishes.