Friday, 5 April 2013

Dr Sebagh Breakout Spot - On - SOS treatment for blemishes

To Quote Shakespeare's Macbeth "Out, Damn Spot". I have had my fair of blemishes and then some!
If you are prone to blemishes, I feel your pain - really!
Those pesky spots that rear their ugly heads really seem to know when I have important events happening. So was the case at the end of last year. To spare you all the gory details, my lovely readers, a 'spot' of mammoth proportions ensconced itself, happily upon my chin. A frantic visit to my local sephora-like store that stocks Dr Sebagh led me to his Breakout Spot - on Blemish Corrector.

Breakout Spot-On on contains bacteria fighting ingredients that help reduce redness. The product almost dissolved the spot from the inside and it become flatter and less inflamed. I applied this generously throughout the day and by the evening I was able to hide my little  (large) problem with concealer. Without a party deadline looming. I use this as and when needed, I have used Breakout Spot on with good results.

Do you use simple lemon juice to combat your spot?

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