Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadows in Cyber Teal and Fire Sapphire

Estee Lauder had re-promoted their Cyber and Vivid colour range.  These new shadows have a unique formula. They almost look gel like, but are definitely powder form. The has the result of strong colours that have a beautiful glow. I chose Cyber Teal and Fire Sapphire as I was lacking in my blue collection of shadows ( before I got my Tom Ford in Cobalt Rush). They both have good colour payoff and a metallic finish. These can be used wet and dry and grow in intensity when wet. This is perfect for lining the eyes. The Fire Sapphire can be used for the new mini trend of intense blue on the lower lash line with a neutral eye. Fire Sapphire blended out gives a softer wet look wash of sapphire. Cyber Teal is a teal slightly muted with an undertone of gray.

Blue Sapphire

I am happy are I got these, but I am not sure I am knocking down the door for more- maybe if an unusual colour is introduced, it will entice me?!

Have you used any of these Cyber or Vivid shadows?

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