Friday, 26 July 2013

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Spellbound - Fall 2013

Laura Mercier released her Dark Spell Fall 2013 collection ahead of many brands. I love the collection image- it really conjures up deep, dense looks with within a haze of molten rose gold that is Spellbound.
I was able to get this, my first LM illuminator, and would like more from the collection, but they were not yet available at the counter. A have quite a few of her products even thought I have not reviewed them, but Spellbound is a real stand out.

This metallic rose gold powder is housed in a lightweight, but sizeable black compact. The powder has a swirling look as you would get when peering into a cauldron with a spell being stirred. It is really pretty. While this illuminator has quite a metallic finish, it is only more apparent when light hits it at different angles. I have swatched it quite heavily, on the cheeks it has less pigment but still with a definite rose gold gilded effect.
Swatched Heavy

Applied to cheek

Have you been enticed by any of the Laura Mercier Dark Spell Collection?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Chanel Les Beiges in No 20

Chanel Les Beiges is a wonderful new product from Chanel.I  have had mine for about 2 mnths, but it is soon to be released in the US. Touted as a powder foundation, skin enhancer or bronzer/contour depending on the shade you choose. It has a SPF of 15 - so a veil of sunscreen. I would not just rely on this for sun protection. Enriched with cotton flowers and white rose plant cells, it is meant to be good for sensitive skins.

It is housed in a cream with black accent portable compact as it includes a usable brush that applies the powder beautifully. I love the cream with black -I think they should incorporate it into the permanent Chanel aesthetic.

The powder itself is beyond finely milled. So much so that when I apply it as a setting powder I am not sure I have even applied it - I just look more 'naturally' polished . This really gives a natural finish with a subtle sheen. No white cast or robotic like matteness. The shade 20 is perfect for me (my foundation matches  are Giorgio Armani 5,5 and Nars Sheer Matte in Sante Fe). I have used as the last step to finish my look as well as as a powder foundation. As a rule I do not like powder foundations, but this is the best I have tried. It has to be slowly built up, and it gives a sheer to light finish. This is good for a easy weekend no-makeup look.  The different shades offered should be enough for most skin tones. I say this because when you select a shade close to your skin tone, the powder does not alter your own skin tone or the foundation you have since it the texture is so fine. It is not the best for oil control but continual touch ups will not result in a build up of product since the powder is so light. I also managed by some miracle to secure myself the retractable Kabuki brush that was released with Les Beiges. I am becoming a brush snob, after using Hakuhodo and Suqqu Brushes. However, this brush is silky soft and extremely dense. It is the perfect pair to to compact. I received a mini Les Beiges in 40 - this works as a lovely matte bronzer . I far prefer this to their famous Soleil Tan De Chanel which I have not had much success with.

On the Go compact with natural hair brush
This collection which I have been told is permanent ? has basically been out of stock since it's launch. Makeup lovers will adore it as well as those girls new to makeup-it really is foolproof.

Chanel Kabuki 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Tom Ford Eye Colour quad in Sahara Haze

Tom Ford in Sahara Haze is a modern mix of texture and shades, in the green family.This palette is a sultry mix of olive shades. The highlight shade is a yellowed cream, which works with the other 3 shades. The next shade in the top is a satin gray green - quite unusual. The next shade is the usual Tom Ford glitter stunner. It is a lively crisp green that brightens the palette - this shade requires fingers to apply in a patting motion. The last shade is a deep olive with pewter undertones .
This palette will work with most skin tones and hair colours. My recents 'oops' at the hairdresser has left me with decidedly auburn locks with blonde ends (ombre attempt gone bad) so these greens look really nice with my red tones-make lemonade out of lemons so they say.......This quad has a chameleon quality as it sometimes has a silver look to it once applied to my eyes - almost like the colour of wet stone. I found that pairing it with different shades of eyeliner also changes the quality of the shades. A blue liner brought out the same in the shadows.

Tom Ford has done greens really well. This quad can give a subdued look or amped up for an edgy performance. These shades stay on all day and remain vivid and fresh. Love , Love, Love!!

Sahara Haze is a quad worth investing in. Of course, I am a Tom Ford fan, but seriously this one did not disappoint me at all.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor - a salute to blues

I've heard about Lipstick Queen. A brand built around just lipstick (okay I know many big hitters like Bobbi Brown and Edward Bess started as such), but they seemed to have remained true to their focus, and remain to be just a lipstick brand.
Well, call me reformed and racked over the knuckles! Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor has made me into a believer! This cute blue bullet has immediately won a place in my heart and made me want more Lipstick Queen.

Firstly, what a fantastic formula. Lightweight and creamy, with no stickiness. My lips feels moisturised and comfortable. Lipstick Queen comes in two textures, Saints and Sinners. This would belong to the Saints family I presume as it has a sheer wash of colour. The Sinners being highly pigmented. The blueberry colour makes your teeth appear that bit whiter and gives such a nuanced sexiness. It's as if you are wearing bare lips, but they are enveloped in a subtle wash of BLUE. This blue I have tried to capture in the swatch. It is a midnight blue that will read differently on everyone's lips as it deepens your natural colouring, and is darker where your lips are more pigmented. I have quite pigmented lips and this adds a veil of berry colour with a sheen to it. Blue Lipstick. Not a gimmick at all, quite genius in fact!

The packaging is modern and fun. Hello Sailor is in a unfussy, simple metallic blue casing. I adore the monochromatic blue on blue of this product . It has a futuristic feel to me. This can be worn alone or it is suggest that it is layered over the berry shades in the Lipstick queen line up or in your lipstick lineup.

This formula is full of Vitamin E- no wonder my lips feel so good.

Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor is so wearable. Lipstick Queen is now on my radar and I am determined to build up my collection! I would love to hear your recommendations!