Tuesday, 29 July 2014

By Terry Riviera Collection Summer 2014 - Tea to Tan and Cheek to Cheek

By Terry gets my vote for constantly thinking out of the box. I picked up the Cheek to Cheek in Cherry Cruise when it first came out and just added the Tea to Tan in Bronze Bay. These are must haves for all beauty lovers. I bought mine both from SpaceNK.

What I love about the Tea to Tan is that this is the most natural bronzer effect you will ever get. The awkward drop applicator aside, I simply put a drop or two in my palm and dab a synthetic, densely packed brush into it and sweep along my cheeks, forehead, down the centre of my nose. Buff it in and I'm looking healthy and sun kissed. No Jersey Shore here. As the name says, just the Riviera baby! You can go back in with more product and build, but it is a subtle and soft effect that just oozes chic. This can also be added to any foundation to add warmth. Also do not forget to shake to disperse the pearlescent goodness that collects at the base, yet does not translate into a glitter ball at all on the face.

The Cheek to Cheek is a strawberry stain that gives a youthful flush to my cheeks. Again you cannot overdo this product. You can layer over the Tea to Tan. The stain effect is so nice for hot days as it looks light and fresh on my skin. Both products have a translucent quality and allows for your natural skin tone to shine through. They both have a distinct By Terry rose scent. I think it's pretty. By Terry also likes to add skincare benefits and these two are no different. Packed with ingredients that have antioxidants and also help to detoxify and revitalise are an added plus for me! High end brand can no longer do makeup without adding skincare benefits- its a trend thats here to stay.

Dropped straight from the pipette

Tea to Tan, Cheek to Cheek freshly swatched

Tea to Tan, Cheek to Cheek buffed and dried down
These do not have any real staining qualities and come off with ease at the end of the day. I have been using mine in our winter months, so if you are in the throes of summer these would be even more perfect for you. These are limited edition (drat!) as far as I know, so do not wait to long before buying them.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks- Las Salinas, Es Vedra and Moon Beach

Let me just put it out there I do not like the cold! An african winter pales in comparison to other locations, but boy I just want to hibernate! (that is my humble apology for being lax on the post front).
I had a few products on my radar and pounced as soon as they were released - Charlotte Tilbury's much anticipated Beach Sticks. I stopped myself at three but as soon as I can I will round up my collection with the remaining 2 - these are fantastic! I purchased Las Salinas (warm pink), Moon Beach (peach) and Es Vedra (poppy orange).

L-R Las Salinas, Moon Beach, Es Vedra

The cheek stick are housed in lightweight rose gold tubes - it feels almost weightless. Cute bubbles of colour greet me when I uncap them. Texture-wise they are feather-light and with a few quick finger movements sit softly on my cheeks - giving them a fresh pop of colour. In my experience these have a less silicone feel than the original Nars multiples and they blend easier and sit more realistically on my skin. Blended in these give a great stain effect.
There is a whole press 'spiel' with regard to their naming - each is named after a beach in Ibiza and each shade is meant to mimic the effect after a week in the sun at these exotic locations - romantic notions turned into reality!

Es Vedra, Moon Beach, Las Salinas straight from bullet
These colours are spot on and all work on my skintone. Es Vedra was my answer to Nars Multiple in Siam that I had been lusting after. This gives me a healthy pop and sexy 'sunburnt' glow - huh! Try it and it will make sense. There is no pink undertone here so it does not look like a bad case of hives either. Las Salinas is a pretty coral pink that gives me soft pop of yes....pink! Moon Beach was described as similar to Nars Orgasm. Not to me - it compliments my complexion much better. This is perfect for a look with a stronger eye, naked glowing cheek. Some have used this as a highlighter shade - for me it is definitly a cheek colour. For deep skintones it would work as such. This shade can be mixed with the others to create a new shade - double duty! All shades have some degree of shimmer (all rose gold) in the swatches, but on the cheek it really translates as a glow. There are also meant to be some long term benefits good for the skin. They are hydrating and last well on my oily skin. You can also use them on your lips- not my first choice , but if you had to ....yes.
Es Vedra, Moon Beach, Las Salinas blended out
So to wrap it up I love these new lovelies from Charlotte Tilbury.