Friday, 29 March 2013

Mac Archie Girls Lipglass in Mall Madness :Team Betty all the way!

The latest colour collection from Mac conjures up my years reading my Archie comics. I was always team Betty as she was more my kinda gal! This collection had both new and limited shades housed in the super cute Betty OR Veronica packaging. I only purchased one gloss, as the rest were not stand out enough in shades to warrant more. I felt a little disloyal choosing a Veronica colour, but I really loved this warm rose shade. It has micro shimmer which adds further dimension.

 The swatch below gives a true reflection of the colour you get on your lips. The sunlight did wash the colour out a bit in the photograph on my lips. This is a great everyday shade which has a bit more colour with out being to strong. MAC glosses are extremely affordable and comfortable to wear. Lightly scented with vanilla, they are slightly tacky. This shade would work on all skin tones and over many lipsticks. I love it alone.

Mall Madness in sunlight

Mall Madness indoors with flash
This collection made me want to put on a cheerleaders outfit and shout for Riverdale High! Did you guys love this MAC x Archie collaboration?

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Jo Malone Sugar & Spice and All Things Nice

Jo Malone Sugar and Spice Limited Edition Collection is an exploration of the gourmand olfactory palette. A london brand, this collection plays on the mind and how it remembers scents as a child. It re-engineers this memory and the scents emerge as grown up counterparts to their innocent beginnings.
I bought two of these limited scents from our Jo Malone Boutique, that looked gorgeous all dressed up in these pretty stripes. A candy store for the senses.
I chose Ginger Biscuit:- at first sniff this is all about a simple ginger snap biscuit. Once it settles Ginger become sexy and deep. A perfect evening scent or for colder days, when this scent warms on the skin with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, tonka bean and vanilla.
The second scent I chose was Elderberry and Gooseberry:- a perfect summers breeze carrying scents on lychee, gooseberry and elderberry, is how I would describe this soft floral. I feel fresh and feminine when wearing this unique scent.

I loved Lemon Tart as well, but found it faded too quickly on me. All the fragrances in this special collection are distinctive. Jo Malone, for me brings out fragrance that become signature scents as they are incomparable, at least to my common nose! This is almost as good as actual high tea at Berkeley Hotel.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders In Dim and Diffused - Perfecting powders that create a flawless finish

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders were released with much fanfare. Hyped as the next best setting powders with "magic" powers I just had to get my hands on this new phenomenon. The reviews were initially amazing, seemingly churned out by the same PR machine, then came the onslaught of not so favourable one's. I nearly backtracked and was going to tell my Hourglass enabler (husband enroute to Sephora) to abort the mission ( yes I bought these babies!). I held steadfast and became the proud new owner of Dim and Diffused.
I can wholeheartedly jump onto the I LOVE THEM bandwagon!
I chose these two sight unseen, but they seemed the most universal and suited to my light- med skin tone. Here is how they are described.

  • Dim - neutral peach beige powder
  • Diffused - soft, warm pale yellow powder

Ambient Light Powder in Diffused
Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim

I have oily skin with fine texture, few large pores in some area's. I use the two shades depending on the foundation I have used and the effect I want to achieve. Dim, which has a balance of cool and warm tones is meant to blur imperfections. If I feel I need a bit more radiance and a hint of warmth this is my go to shade. This is also determined if I am wearing one of my 'lighter foundation' as Dim will add the slight depth of colour (ever so slightly). I swipe my Bobbi Brown powder brush into the pan. It picks up quite a bit. Shake of excess and use swiping motions on the face, starting from the centre outwards. The idea is to give a light dusting in a soft stroke. Buffing not needed and is too heavy handed.
My pores are 'erased' and my skin looks airbrushed. Careful!, too much and you could look too flat.
Diffused which targets redness and imparts a fresh illuminated look, is used mainly on the centre of my face, to give a wide awake luminous finish. I almost look like an eraser has removed all imperfections.
Both these powders do give a glow to the skin. I cannot pick up any apparent sparkle on the skin once applied. They have minimal oil control properties, but they are not advertised as such. They do set my makeup and it looks fresh hours later. so definitely extended the wear of my foundation.
If I had easy access to these wonder powders I would add Mood light, and maybe Ethereal light, mmmm and maybe Radiant light. I would recommend trying these in store to see which shade would work best for you, especially if you have very pale or a strong undertone of red or yellow.


I was concerned, these would not live up to dream in my head of silky perfect skin. I think Hourglass really worked had to perfect this formula. Be mindful with application. Find the best brush for you and your skin type that will allow this powder to veil not cover your face. If you have more than one foundation, play around as I do find it work better over some than others. I am loving the effects that these lighting powders give and everyday is a new day to create a new look. Hourglass cosmetics is loved by many A-Listers and lil' ol' me!

What are your feelings on the new Ambient Lighting powders?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Suqqu Spring 2013- Ex- 11 Sumiredama

Suqqu introduced 3 limited edition quads for Spring 2013. I leaned towards the Ex-11 as it darkest shade just intrigued and tugged at my inner grunge goddess - a deep plum with a green duo chrome which imparts a sooty lived-in effect. What surprised me most is how I am loving the other 3 shades in the compact as well.

Sumiredama is housed in a white pearlescent casing, which is different from their usual black.

The colours are all the same buttery smooth texture, with the same iridescence.
The top left shades is a pretty pale salmon. The taupe is duochrome and complex and unique to all the taupes in my own collection. It has the same green shade that is in the plum shade. The plum shade is a mix of plum and green duochrome that even in some light looks blue. The cream is fresh and perfect for blending the other shades and for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

Indoor with flash


This quad is quintessentially Japanese. Superior texture, iridescent, and beautifully pigmented. There is a lightness in the looks that you achieve with this palette that is the epitome of Japanese beauty.
My only minor gripe was longevity. I had good wear for about 6 hrs, then some fading. This palette is good for so many combinations. Here are but just a few:

  • Nars Smudgeproof primer
  • Cream shade over whole lid, blended into and over the crease
  • Plum shade in triangle shape in outer corner of eye
  • Use Taupe shade to blend out Plum shade towards inner eye area
  • Chantecaille Gel Liner pencil in Espresso into upper and lower lash line- blend
  • Use given thin sponge applicator and apply taupe shade lightly into lower lash line
  • Armani Eyes To Kill Excess mascara in Black


  • By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer over lid
  • Pat Plum shade over whole lid stop in crease
  • Extend Plum shade in direction of hairline into winged shape
  • Take Salmon Shade and blend out Plum shade only from crease upwards
  • Use Plum shade to lightly line lower lash line
  • Cream shade dabbed onto tear duct area for illumination
  • Armani Eyes to Kill Excess mascara in black
  • Burberry in Pink Hydrangea lightly applied to cheeks
  • Mac Lipglass from Archie Girls Collection in Mall Madness



  • Urban Decay Primer Potion over lid area
  • Taupe shade to whole lid blended into and slightly over the crease
  • Plum shade use as liner on upper lashline blended and reapplied
  • Plum shade blended on lower lash line to about 1/2 inwards towards inner eye
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Perversion onto waterline of lower lash
  • Armani Eyes to Kill Excess mascara in black
Suqqu is really growing on me. I really like my previous Suqqu quad EX-07 Tsukiakari (reviewed here), but have falling head over heels for Sumiredama. At first glance the taupe shade of both quads look the same but are actually infinitely different. The salmon shade in Sumiredama is paler with more of a white undertone. These three looks are just the tip of the iceberg, and I am loving every minute exploring the possibilities. I bought this palette happily as I know I will use it often!

What are your favourite Japanese brands? Do you like the sheer, sparkly effect that most Japanese brands have?

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme: Review of Cafe Creme

My first Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme was all I had hoped for. My first shade is Cafe Creme, a rosy taupe shade with hints of lavender. It is a cool neutral shade with same toned shimmer, that can be worn with any eyelook. It goes on quite sheer.

The formula is creamy and hydrating . Like all high end luxury brands it contains beneficial ingredients, vitamins A,C and E and antioxidants boost the condition of your lips. Vanilla extract subtly fragrances this lip creme.

 Tip: Layer Lip Cremes to create new shades!

My Natural lip colour is dulled, but can definitely see it peeking through

I would love to know your first Le Metier de Beaute.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nars Spring 2013 - Duo in Bouthan

Nars Spring 2013 is bold and uninhibited. This collection I find is more of a "pick one and I'm done', as they are hard to mix the two duos, Mad Mad World and Bouthan, into one cohesive look without looking like you came "Back to the Future" with Micheal . J.Fox in his snazzy Delorean (Ok I am giving away my age!). So I was satisfied to walk away with just one piece of Nars spring 2013, and Bouthan it was.

A stunning hot 80's pink offset by a soft baby pink. The bright pink is shot through with gold sparkle. It is very buildable. TIP: It actually works very well over Rouge Bunny Rouge Unforgettable Oriole for a more Suqqu-esque pearlescent finish. I did have fallout, so if you are not a fan off  'sparkly-face' syndrome, then walk on by. The bright pink is pretty much matte, making it on the harder side to blend. The baby pink is very sheer with sparkle too and was hard to see on my skin tone. I went for a full on look that is not for the tame. Bright pink over the lid and blended into the crease with the use of the baby pink shade. I used a soft black liner with a hint of a flick to stave off the dreaded pink rabbit eye that can come with a pink shadow. I kept the lower lash line clear and fresh. I wore Stila All you need is love on my cheeks (reviewed here) and Tom Ford Smitten on my lips (reviewed here). Mascara at maximum. The focus is on the eyes for this look. I do think if you are very fair, this pink could look like a case of conjunctivitis but for warmer skin tones it plays off nicely to create a modern twist. Blue eyed beauties, this will make your eyes 'pop'. The formula is ok for a matte (need to get som RBR creaminess here), but I do love (tis the power of love! compliments to Huey Lewis) the shades of pink offered. So if you too wanted to be Molly Ringwald in 'Pretty in pink', part grunge part funk, this duo is made for you.
It did stay on all day, is my last say on the matter. So if this post is so full of cliches of the 80's, lets just keep it between friends- because 'that what friends are for'!

Did Nars spring 2013 rock your world?

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Dr Perricone Blue Plasma

Dr Perricone has really been pumping out new glorious products this year. I have had the privileged to have been using Perricone MD Blue Plasma for about 3 months now. It is marketed as a non- acidic exfoliator which harnesses the power of Salmon Roe Enzyme which targets only dead skin cells *weird science*. The curiously blue liquid (all natural by the way) also has L- Carnitine and Copper (hello blue)which work to unclog, repair and hydrate.

Fresh out of the box- dropper top not yet inserted
 I use Blue Plasma in the morning after cleansing and/or after toning. It is a dropper bottle, so I dispense a few drops in my palm and smooth it over my entire face. I have not experienced any irritation (though Dr Perricone always recommends spot testing first) or redness since using this product. There is no discernible scent either. I have found that my skin's texture is looking fine and fresh. My skin really has regained a more youthful glow and looks energized as my dead skin has been gently sloughed off. I think if you are concerned about lack-luster looking skin, this product could work for you. Also, aging skin needs a little help as cell turnover decelerates with time. Many chemical exfoliators can leave skin dehydrated, however the moisture in my skin has not been compromised and appears to be less dehydrated than before (a problem for me). I have only made a small dent in the use of this product and have only used just over a quarter. This is a really good non-irritating daily exfoliator. This adds more depth to the already extensive Perricone range, as they do not have a mechanical exfoliator (a scrub) or a chemical one, both which can cause some irritation. Dr Perricone believes inflammation is a major player in aging, so this products aims to keep irritation and redness out of the picture. Perricone typically used Glycolic Acid as their gentle daily exfoliator in their Toners like Serum Prep, Cleansing Bar. This technology takes exfoliating to another level.

I received this product for review before I started writing this blog. I will definitely repurchase when I finish this product as I feel my skin has benefited from Blue Plasma.

What are your thoughts on exfoliators?

Friday, 8 March 2013

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady At Play

Mac just released their new lipstick this spring. While most brands have issued out sheer juicy formula's, Mac went for dense satin finish. They used new packaging. Still black, but with strange shaped lid in a matte finish. I do prefer their usual packaging, as this is not sleek, but just kinda weird. Form follows function- not here!

Packaging aside, this is a wonderful lipstick. This is their best most luxurious formula to date. It has 77-Mineral Moist Complex for moisture with impact. Non-drying and my lips actually feel hydrated. It comes in 12 shades and I tried to purchase a watermelon shade - Lady at Play. Not to sure it was what I was looking for. Leaning a bit to orange for my complexion, but I cannot fault the formula. Style Surge was a softer version of Lady at play and maybe more my style. However, if I can use this more as a stain I think it could work quite well. Keep your makeup simple with a simple sheer was with Burberry Gold Pearl (reviewed here). Line the eye with a black gel liner and flick up slightly at the corners. A soft neutral cheek is best (maybe RMK creamy sheer powder cheek reviewed here) would be perfect to balance this bold lip.

Do you love the new sheer trend in lipstick or this new Satin Mineralize Rich lipstick by Mac?
Nars has is just set to launch their new Satin Lip Pencils that look similar texture to these Mac one's.
I cannot wait to try them out!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stila all you need is love cheek palette

Stila went through a lag a year or so back, but they have been charging ahead with gorgeous products that will appeal to everyone. This little beauty was limited for Valentine's Day and I picked it up as it was too cute and too pink to resist. Now when it comes to powder blushes I'm a Tom Ford, Burberry and Nars gal, but this pretty pink palette is so easy to wear . It imparts a radiant pink flush that makes your cheeks glow with fresh perfection. The shimmers appears to be quite visible but once applied is just beautiful. It does not accentuate pores or fine lines which can happen with pearly blushes. The gold overlay rubs off after a mere swipe. I use this palette as a swirl of colour and then apply from apples of my cheek to my ears for a healthy glow!

If you have a Stila retailer near you get there quick and see if they have any left -
so l-o-v-e-ing it!

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Friday, 1 March 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Baby Bloom

By Terry launched their  Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge for Spring 2013. There are 10 scintillating shades. I honestly could not choose, but decided to go with Baby Bloom, sight unseen. It turns out that this is a similar shade to Burberry Lip Cover Tulip Pink. A baby rosebud colour that is more peachy that pink.
Baby Bloom appears slighter brighter than Tulip Pink. This shade is quite opaque for a sheer formula.
Baby Bloom as a milky quality to it giving it a 60's sex kitten look. My only criticism it the strong Rose scent a signature of By Terry Products. I like it, just not in my lipsticks. But having said that I don't dislike enough not to buy more.

Terry de Gunzburg wanted a 'aqua glossy melt away balm'. Me' thinks she managed just that- almost! By Terry is slowly releasing some gems that all form part of the Hyaluronic range. I do have 2 other products : Hyaluronic Face Glow and the Hyaluronic Primer which are both outstanding (and will be reviewed soon) This product is meant to plump and fill. I had noticed that when wearing this my lips (full already) did seem more voluptuous. It does give a nice shine to the lips, more of a sheen in contrast to the new high gloss Tom Ford Lip Color Shine (reviewed here). This has a bit more 'weight' to it that the Chantecaille Lip Chic which have more slip. I did however found my lips felt a bit 'tight' and it was not as balmy as I'd Like.

L-R By Terry Baby Bloom, Burberry Tulip Pink

Look out for By Terry's NEW Hyaluronic Hydra Blush that is on pre-order on a few sites - on my wish list already!

Do you have a favourite lipstick formula - Sheer, creamy or matte?

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