Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Surratt artistique eyeshadow palette - Enchantress, Patine, Marron, Dore, Haute Chocolate and Ravissante and some Link Love!

Today I would like to share with you my second Surrat palette, that I have had since March, but have yet to review for you. I thought that since the lucky 'buggers' in the UK have now got full access to Surratt at Liberty, it would be the appropriate time to showcase these beautiful eyeshadows. I initially reviewed four of these here. I can only once again gush over the creaminess and all round 'Awesomeness' of these shadows. With this palette I went with almost gem toned look, with a tawny lavender thrown in for good measure. In my frenzy excitement when ordering, I seemed to reorder the bestselling Patine. I was only momentarily upset at the lost opportunity of owning another Surratt shade, but then realising how much I love Patine from my original palette I was calmed (keep calm and all that:))
So behold my six beauties in order from T-B then T-B again -: Enchantress (steel gray), Marron (russet wine) Ravissante (tawny lavender), Patine, Haute Chocolate (golden brown), Dore (golden taupe)

All six happy in their new palette

Enchantress, Patine, Marron, Haute Chocolate, Ravissante, Dore

Beautiful Textures
I am ready to push 'buy' on more of these luxurious shadows. I am loving compiling my Surratt palettes. I do wish that Liberty will stock these empty palettes online, as I have not seen them available.
I also bought Guimauve blush, which I will feature soon with some of the lovely lipslique lip shades.
Update: Large compact case is now available!

I would also like to show my love and admiration (my fave reads) with a little Link Love :-
The ever lovely Belly at Wondegondigo - I blame her for the start of my Japanese beauty love affair and even more for her witty commentary on life and makeup. I envy her photography skills.
My Frond (no typo here) Gummyvision - I adore her and her funny conversations about makeup, age and life.
Sara at Colormeloud - I would love to live in this makeup draw- always the first review that I need to see on the latest products. Eye looks to die for!