Monday, 25 November 2013

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G 'Fallen from the lipstick tree' in Penelope Pink

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G 'Fallen From The Lipstick Tree' was launched with her quintessential line. I love her whole rock chick vibe - so I was keen to get a real nude lipstick which is missing from my own collection. She has 2 nude lipsticks - Nude Kate and Penelope Pink. I went with the safer Penelope Pink, as I thought Nude Kate might give me dead lips.
Housed in a pretty rose gold case, in keeping with the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette, which has an art deco feel. The formula is very nice. I have to say that this is a very comfortable formula, yet there is nothing that makes it stand out from other high-end brands. Tom Ford, Burberry and Armani make more creamier and more hydrating formula's. Suqqu wins hands down - yet no suitable nude like this one in their colour range. I cannot say that this shade is totally unique, but I can say it is a nude without draining the colour from my face. One might be able to match Penelope Pink with one of the new nudes from the Armani CC lipsticks. I love to wear this colour paired with any of my Charlotte Tilbury Luxury palettes. It works well with a smokey eye, colourful eye and a simple feline flick. I would actually love to try Nude Kate and really push the rock chick look!

In a nutshell - I love the nude shade. I like the formula. I think the colour range is genius and in keeping with the idea of achieving a particular look from the Glamour Muse to the Sophisticate. Have you tried the lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury collection and what are your thoughts?
MR xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Three Winter Stardust Holiday Set 2013

My First Three products and second Holiday set for 2013. I have just swatched them for you before fully evaluating them. Enjoy!

Winter Love Duo .06

Child of Moon 09, The Prettiest Star 10

Indoor with Flash
The bag is really nice . It has space for makeup brushes on one side and a space for shadows and pencils on the other. The duo case is rather small and slim so should fit in perfectly (mmmm seem to like that word of late!) The duo is in a matte casing that is smaller than most I have come across. also seems to be fingerprint resistant, If that is a problem for you. The two shades are perfect for winter - a
muted lavender with soft silver shot through it (subtle) in a satin formula and a berry satin shade that turns more brown in brighter lighting. A soft dark blue shimmer, almost undetectable, runs through it. So much so the camera just does not want to pick it up. I am excited to see how this works on the eye!
The two pencils are soft to apply but not too 'mushy'. A pink-taupe shade and a gold with micro shimmer in same colours. I have been wanting these pencils for ages. Will try tomorrow for sure!

So, some more Japanese makeup love. What has been your favourite holiday sets for 2013, that you have just had to have? I would love to hear your comments. xx MR

Monday, 18 November 2013

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow to face sculpt & highlight

Charlotte Tilbury launched a face sculpting duo with her new line. Housed in a glistening, bronzed, lightweight compact that is really beautiful. I like the fact that it is made from a light material as it make it better for me for travel. Some might see it as a negative and perceive it as cheap. But this well crafted art deco duo is chic and "posh".

Both powders are finely milled and go on smooth. They blend well and I have had no patchiness.
The sculpt powder will probably suit most people as a bronzer than as a sculpting powder as this leans more warm and has only a hint of a cooler shadow shade. It can however be built up, so those paler girls with a deft hand could gently apply as the sculpt shade in the hollows below the cheeks. I am light to medium and have used both below my cheek bones and on the cheek. Both ways add depth and my cheeks have added dimension.So it is definitely more than just a bronzer.

The highlight shade is a soft champagne, with no frostiness, which some illuminators can have. It is so nice on the bone just above the cheek, brow bone and on the centre on the nose and cupids bow. It really does  create a gentle 'lit from within" look.  This should really suit most skin tones.

L-R Sculpt, Highlight

Soft sculpted cheeks

Charlotte states "You can slim, sculpt, enhance & illuminate -
It's an illusion I use all the time for my clients" I have enjoyed my Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette. It is a perfect way to mimic razor sharp cheekbones and feel like a suparstar!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Shu Uemura x Takashi Marakami 6 princess holiday 2013 : Heart-Full pink parallel palette

Today I am thrilled to show you the other Shu Uemura Holiday 2013 palette. While the black parallel palette (reviewed here) will dazzle you with striking, sparkly colours, this pink inspired palette may look bland in comparison. I cannot tell you how much it has wowed me. It has the same sweet graphic on the front face of this lightweight case, by japanese artist Takahsi Marakami, but with a pink princess and anime.

Palette colours:
Top L- R
  • White with yellow hue - pearlescent finish
  • Soft yellow - pearlescent finish
  • Medium Brown with golden hue - soft metallic finish
Middle L-R
  • Baby pink - pearlescent finish
  • Cool bubblegum pink - satin finish
  • Rose toned copper - Soft metallic texture
Bottom L-R
  • Flame toned copper - soft metallic finish
  • Bright pink cheek colour - almost matte

All shades are buttery and blend like a dream. The three small pans (like the other Shu Palette), are even more dense and beautiful. These two copper shades are so unusual (Shu Uemura does these colours well) and will look good on all eye colours. The two light pastel colours have no frostiness to them. The cheek colour while bright, is slightly harder in texture to make it easier to apply and build up the pink to your desired depth. I have also mixed and matched with the black parallel palette- the combinations are endless. This is by no means all 'sugar and spice', but has interesting contrast and wearable shades all housed in one handy palette.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Shu Uemura Sweet Reds collection : Spiky Rose, Mon Shu Red Pure and Baby Flame

Shu Uemura has released some of my favourite collections of late. The Sweet Reds came out before the holiday collection. Initially I thought (in embarrassed error) a collection of 6 red lipsticks - snoozefest!. I quickly take back that most stupid thought (bubble be gone) and am now firmly on the Sweet Reds wagon. I 'limited' myself to a pick of three. Beware these are limited, but were still very available last week. They were paired with a neutral palette but my focus was on these luscious reds.

The formula of all three, are in the supreme shine product range. These lipsticks are described as a ' breakthrough dewy shine' with 'vibrant, pure colour '. All three shades produce a jelly like cover that gives a shot of colour while still remaining translucent. The effect is a moist juicy lip. My lips feel soft and hydrated. A soft stain of colour remains after the lipstick has worn of so no harsh lines are left. With most sheer lipsticks with hydrating texture wear time is limited, but with the residual stain effect, I am quite satisfied.

Spikey Rose, Mon Shu Red, Baby Flame
 I think I managed to choose a good trio of reds from the cool blue-red Spiky Rose, the more classic Mon Shu Red and the coral-toned Baby Flame.  Spiky Rose is a sheer cream texture. Mon Shu has a soft shimmer, while Baby Flame has a matching sparkle that dazzles on the lips. My natural rose lip colour does peek through, but these lipsticks while considered 'sheer', have good colour pay-off.
Spikey Rose, Mon Shu Red, Baby Flame

All these reds have a different look. If I had to choose only one it would have to be Spiky Rose. It just makes everything look chic. But if I could add one more to my collection it would have to be Dolly Red. I used the expression recently and find it apt with this blog entry today "the same but different!"
Note to Shu Uemura: make these sweet, sweet reds permanent!

So from a slow, hesitant start my Shu Uemura love affair is no longer a secret but an all out lovefest!