Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nars American Dream palette - a new take on neutrals

I love it when Nars releases new palette's and when I can get my hands on them. About the same time as the fall 2012 was released, two new palette's with repromotes of existing colours were also made available. The American Dream palette contains a selection of neutrals, while the New Wave palette is a more bold offering electric colours for edgier looks. On one hand with repromotes you run the risk of having a lot of the colours in your own collection, but luckily I only had one colour in the American Wave palette and quite a few of the shades are one's I wanted for some time.

The top 3 shades are your good for highlighting, use as a base colour or layered over Bali. All are pretty and with soft iridescence. The bottom row add depth to this collection .These 3 are highly pigmented and a dream to apply.
The first shade Bellisima (1), is a whitish/cream sparkle, which I would reserve for highlighting the centre of the lid or if you are fair, under the brow. The next shade Alhambra (11) is a soft gold. The last of the top shades is Silk Road (11) which is a peach with gold undertone.
The first of the darker colour is Galapagos - a cult favourite amongst Nars fans. It is a medium rich brown with visible gold reflects. It really is beautiful for shading the outer corner or over the entire lid. The middle shade is Bali. This is a matte flat brown - depending on your skin tone you can use it as a contour shade for the bow bone area, or as a liner. The last shade is Tzarine (11). This is the one I own already in the duo format. It is a modern steel grey with tiny sparkles. I love this colour and it works well on all eye colours.
I consider this a neutral palette with a twist. It is perfect for soft everyday looks as well as modern smokey eyes in a few ways. This would be great for travel too. There is a mix of texture and all the shades work harmoniously together to create countless looks. So while I love it when Mr Nars work his wizardry and conjures up new exciting limited colours. I am loving this limited palette, which takes existing colours and puts them together in ways that even if I had them all as separates, would probably never put them together myself. The New Wave palette also looks like a good buy, but I do own 3 out if the six shades already.

(L-R)( T-B) Bellissima, Alhambra, Silk Road, Galapagos, Bali, Tzarine

What do you think of the new Nars palettes?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Guerlain ' Terra Azzurra' Pearls d'Azur Illuminating Powder

I wanted to review Guerlain 'Terra Azzurra'  Pearls d'Azur Illuminating powder. This was part of their Summer 2012 collection together with Emilio Pucci, but I think it will work well all year round. This is my first Guerlain meteorite pearls. Guerlain is most well know for their finely milled powders which are light as air and settle like skin. This particular "pressed"powder is a mix of iridescent pearls in white, peach, cream, pink, bronze and blue which all work together to correct and give radiance to your complexion. The blue pearl is the main difference to the other meteorite powders, which is meant to help give a flawless complexion. This products really delivers.

This limited edition container is adorned with a gorgeous Pucci print. Once the product is finished it will look lovely on my dressing table. I do not use this as a setting powder but over my By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat for a high definition finish. I have a really have on oily skin so this alone is just not enough , but I think it is more for illuminating than setting- those with dry skin this would be enough. It does have minimal shimmer and tiny glitter, it is more of a gleam. But, I wear it in the day and it imparts a dewy glow to my skin. I struggled to photograph it as the effect is subtle and does not show up well. I really love this product and if this one is no longer available, go and check out their standard pearls,which come in three shades. If this one is anything to go by, the regular meteorite pearls will be just as sublime.

Which was your first Guerlain product?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sara Happ "the lip scrub" and "the lip slip"

I recently reviewed my top lip treatments. I mentioned that I was waiting for my Sara Happ products from BeautyBay. I know am happy to say, I have received them and have been scrubbing and treating up a storm. I purchased the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and the Lip Slip. I had been looking around for a scrub for my lips, especially since the rise in popularity of matte lipsticks, that need smooth lips for best application.

They both come housed in cute little boxes.The actual container is not as luxe as the outer one's, more practical than beautiful. The lip scub I chose was the Brown Sugar scented one. It's is rich brown in colour with chunky brown sugar granules. I have not yet mastered keeping the product just on my lips! This has a light sugared scent, which is not too overwhelming. It gives a good scrub and leaves the lips tingling. Lips are hydrated with Jojoba and grape seed oils.
The lip slip is light ballerina pink, but goes on clear. I save it for nighttime as the application is " finger in the tub". There is a tube option which would be good for your handbag. The formula is fairly thick and does have a stickiness to it - not as much a "slip". I don't mind this as it then nourishes the lips for longer as it adhere's more. It is packed with Jajoba, Sweet Almond and Macadamia nut oil . This is describes as a 'luxe balm' which is an apt description .

I love the lip scrub! My lipstick go on smooth and there are no flakey bits. I would love to try the green apple as it looks fresh and summery. The lip slip is also very nice and I think because of it consistency the jar will last a long time.

Which Sara Happ products have you tried ?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel

I have a secret obsession with bright coloured lipsticks. The bold punch on colour makes me feel happy and slightly more confidant than I really am. When I saw Rebel from the recent Mac collection (though it is a permanent shade) I had to have it. It is a gorgeous plum shade that is bright yet deep. It has a satin texture, so it is slightly matte but still creamy. This colour fades gradually, but my lips are stained from it, so there is no patchiness or lip colour peeping through, like I get from Mac's Ruby Woo.

The satin lipstick's from Mac are comfortable to wear. They are creamy and opaque. This hue has a beautiful intensity. I think it works perfectly without a lip liner.

I wore Rebel with a light apricot pink shadow over my lids and loads of mascara. Nars Deep Throat on my cheeks.

This is not for wallflower's and you will definitely get noticed sporting this shade. But, if it is a pop of colour you are after , then Rebel is for you.

What is your go to bold lip colour?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Variation

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Variation: My Chanel counter has received the "mini" collection featuring there new Inimitable Intense mascara. With it came two new eyeshadow quads - ...

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Variation

My Chanel counter has received the "mini" collection featuring there new Inimitable Intense mascara. With it came two new eyeshadow quads - Variation and Intuition. I chose Variation. Intuition was very pretty, but the shades were in the brown/gold family and I found more interest in Variation. The collection also had 2 Illusion D'Ombre's - Abstraction and Vision, both beautiful additions to the Illusion D'Ombre family.

The quad offers a mix of textures. The top two have more of a iridescent quality. The first shade is a soft satin ballet pink. The next one is a subdued bronze. They are great for base use and highlighting area's of the eye.. The pink mauve on the bottom left has tiny matching sparkles which twinkle silver in sunlight. The only matte shade is an intense brown plum colour for contour, outer corner or lining the eye. This is a wonderful combination of shades which can start at daytime romantic and be amped up for evening vampy! The textures of these Chanel shadows are soft and easily blended. They give quite a soft focus effect, rather than a crisp definition of shades, which I get from my Nars shadows. I could even see this quad used, especially the intense plum, for the new goth look. I would love this paired with Nars Damage sheer lipstick, for the day, which is described as a "sheer muted grape"

This is a great transition quad before the Chanel Fall 2012 hits our shores.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush Kit

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush Kit: So as I mentioned, a few weeks back when I purchased my first Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, I also purchased the blush palette. ...

Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush Kit

So as I mentioned, a few weeks back when I purchased my first Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, I also purchased the blush palette. I have now had quite a bit of time to play around with my palette and can now formulate a good opinion of it. It has four colours with two textures, within the kit. These are meant to be worn alone or layered to create a more natural blush. The theory is, as I understand it, is that we do not blush one colour, but when we blush it is more multi-dimensional. The concept is great, the execution for me was lacking.

I have to say, I had high hopes for this kit as LMdB is a big favourite amongst beauty bloggers. At first glance (try), the product looks soft, because as you wisp your blush brush across the pan, the powder immediately settles on the bristles. After tapping the excess off, the application, for me still seemed a bit heavy handed. So while pigmentation is a plus when rating makeup, I did find this product too intensely pigmented, if that is possible. I kept on trying to "unbuild" my blush. I have fair to medium complexion with am olive undertone. I think anyone lighter would struggle with this combination of colours. Mabye this palette is more suited to darker skinned LMdB lovers.
The kit consists of 4 shades. The first two are a matte deep orange , and a matte bright rose. The next two have shimmer with the first one been an apricot with gold reflects. I found this one accentuated my pores. The last shade was my a favourite. This was the most workable and buildable shade. This pink gave a lovely glow with sheer colour.

The LMdB concept and packaging is really nice for travel. I bought this unseen, so mabye if I had swatched it instore I would have refrained from purchasing. I tried applying the shades in all the combinations. I will continue to work with them to see if I can find some trick to make them work. I hope so as this palette did not come cheap. I have now had my playtime with this kit and am definitely warming up to it. My new favourite colour is the matte rose which when applied with an extremely light hand, adds a healthy rose hue to my cheeks, while the apricot colour still  does not enhance my skin tone. So I advise to go try it out before purchasing.
As happy I was with my LMdB eye palette, is as ambivalent  I am with this one. But, as I said above the extreme pigmentation gets some getting used to and practise does make perfect.

LMdB is available at Zuneta where I purchased mine.

I would love to hear what are your favourite brands for blush?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows- A hit and a miss.

Makeup Remastered- reinvent yourself daily: Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows- A hit and a miss.: I bought two of the new Make Up Forever Aqua shadows in colours 4E (matte taupe grey) and 8E (matte green). I chose these as they seemed to ...

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows- A hit and a miss.

I bought two of the new Make Up Forever Aqua shadows in colours 4E (matte taupe grey) and 8E (matte green). I chose these as they seemed to be the most unusual from my own makeup stash. Also, I chose the grey as my conservative choice and the green as my bold one.

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows in 8E and 4E
I have to say, that I am really liking the grey pencil. It's really good to use to line and smudge out and as a base for  loose pigments. I also used it with my Nars Soft Touch shadow pencils, which are notorious for creasing, and lo' and behold looked beautiful all day. I was less successful with the green aqua shadow. It was a bit less creamy and harder to blend. The dry time, as it were, was minimal to get a good blend. I had to use eye shadow over in a green shade to soften the hard edges. I do think the aqua shadows in the pearly shadows would be more flattering and less hard work. They looked really pretty when I swatched them in the store. Since they are waterproof, the sheerer shades would be great for a summer beach look, when makeup needs to say on, or else!

These two shades seem to lack the creamy formula of Make Up Forever's gorgeous Aqua Eyes eyeliners which glide on with no pulling and tugging. As you can tell from the swatches, application can be a bit patchy in area's. 4E was definitely my better buy, and I think it works fairly well for a smokey eye. My eye makeup did last through the day on my oily lids, so Bravo!
I do not think I will grab for these regularly, but will probably use them when I have time and a more dramatic look in mind. I think this defeats the purpose of the product, as pencils are meant to be handy, on-the-go tools.

What are your experiences with Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows?