Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Concealer - so perfectly good!

Pat McGrath launched a concealer system a few weeks ago which consisted of an under eye concealer, a powder, and an under eye brush which is said to mimic Pat’s magic tapping fingers.
As of now I sadly only have the concealer. The powder and brush sold out before I got up and South Africa is ahead in time, so fans must have waited as it dropped online. They are definitely on my wishlist, as the concealer has fast become my favorite, together with my much loved and empty Armani Power Fabric Concealer. For reference I’m shade 5 in the Armani. 

Pat McGrath Concealer in shade 10
Pat McGrath Concealer is housed in a heavy, luxe, typical concealer tube with doe foot applicator. Nothing new here. The formula however is a beautifully crafted concealer/skincare hybrid that is a lightweight gel-like formula.  Pat’s ‘vita - serum complex’ which helps with the creation of hyaluronic acid and ceramides helps fight wrinkles and plump out skin. When applied straight from the applicator onto the under eye area, I mistakenly thought it was quite thick. With one swipe, the gel- cream smooths out with ease, depositing a good amount of pigmented product which melts into the skin effortlessly. It has a medium buildable coverage they can be sheered out or built up with ease. This concealer has a skin-like finish with almost glossy look- your skin but more polished. I look refreshed on contact. I chose shade 10 which is the same shade as my Pat McGrath foundation.  I bought it online without seeing any swatches. It is recommended you should chose a shade down for a brightening effect and a shade up or two for contour. Shade 10 was a perfect fit. I was concerned if I chose a shade too light, it would make me look ill, as lighter ‘brightening’ shades tend to do that to me. I guess if I had the chance to play with a number of shade I could choose a peachier shade to counteract days that I am harbouring eye bags and darkness. I could play with two or threes tones. However without the luxury of Pat in country this can’t happen. I might just have order sight unseen again..

Concealer shade 10, Foundation shade 10
I have really enjoyed using this concealer. It does not exacerbate fine lines or make them appear worse through the day. In fact, my under eyes really look better and fresher than when I woke up. I wish I had the powder. I wonder how would compare with my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder which I’ve used since it was launched. 

Concealer and Foundation  in sunlight
This is a winner for me. It moves with many expressions and does not oxidize. It pairs perfectly with my Pat McGrath foundation. Since I’m out of my Armani I’m thrilled to have this to useđź’™