Monday, 26 May 2014

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato - Spiced Orange (CR 04), Berry Berry (PK 01) and Milky Framboise (PK 02)

The SOFT matte is the new trend of spring 2014 and I love it!. So is the trend of a lip and cheek duo use product that mix and match.This is definitely their moment. I recently reviewed the delectable YSL kiss and blush creations here, and today bring you there ' doppelgänger' the Shu Uemura tint in gelato' ! (..........secrets out, I watch the Vampires Diaries!) I chose three pretty shades sight unseen: Spiced Orange ( -a fresh coral), Berry Berry (- bright hot pink) and Milky Framboise (- Rose). If you look at both reviews you will see I almost selected the same colour array in each brand.

Shu Uemura has opted for a lip gloss type casing with a pointed oval applicator similar to the YSL. I like this version for 'in my bag' purposes , but love the little 'paint pot' look of the YSL. Both have narrow necks to stop excess product on the applicator. The gelato is highly pigmented, but slightly less mousse-like like the YSL, but rather creamier than the YSL. I find the SHU gives a stronger pop of colour on the lips and the cheeks at first swipe. The YSL is softer and you will have to build colour intensity. I also need a few swipes on the lips to get a bold look. The SHU gives colour more quickly, but can still be blended for a softer look. One swipe gives a strong colour on my lips, yet I find these slightly more drying than the YSL. I also think the SHU lasts longer on my oily cheeks. As mentioned above, the finish on the cheek is a soft matte. This means no sheen or glow, but soft colour that is matte with no harsh line- almost blurred. It has the same look on my lips. These both are fun to use but I think the YSL win by a nose (freeze frame to check!), but seriously it like splitting hairs, both are lovely.

Spiced Orange (CR04), Berry Berry (PK01), Milky Framboise (PK02)

All three blended out- longevity!

Are you a fan of the new cheek/lip duo's?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Presenting: Giorgio Armani New Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush - Flesh (507), Daybeak (503) Blush (506) and Dolci (305)

So.... I went on a short unexpected hiatus, in the form of a quick holiday and a recurring flu that sadly kept me from regular blogging duties. This did not mean I did not get some amazing products in the past few weeks. I first bought two Giorgio Armani new Cheek Fabrics when they first came out and added two more shades as I absolutely loved them and had to get some more. I have to say I have never used the now discontinued original formula, but these new powder blushes are absolutely amazing and satisfy both my love for polished looks and clown face fantasies. So, today I am happy to be presenting to you the new Cheek Fabrics!

Housed in sleek round black packaging, the blush compact comes with a mirror. The blush is finely milled and never kicks up any excess powder when applying. The blush is a sheer, buildable formula and starts out soft. This is not to say they are not pigmented but allows for you to control the amount you apply to suit the look you want to achieve. The exception is Flesh which has obviously brighter pigment, which needs more finesse when applying it, due to the nature of the shade itself. I think what also appeals to me is the universally flattering shade selection which is meant to really enhance the natural beauty of every woman. The blush does not cover your skin but due to its sheer nature (think see-thru Armani fabric), it allows it to sit like a veil of colour on your skin without ever looking powdery or over done.

Blush, Flesh, Daybreak, Dolci

Dolci, Daybreak, Blush, Flesh
Dare I say, these are more-ish! Daybreak has a slight sparkle on swatching, but on the cheek it give no hint of sparkle, but only the most refined, polished effect. A nude cheek that makes my cheek bones uber- model worthy. Dolci is an unfussy fresh melon shade that is perfect for spring. Flesh is a cool pink pop shade that is hard to over do. Lastly, Blush is a soft rose shade, also with the barest hint of a sparkle - but come on it's Armani sparkle, so expect subtle and 'uptown'.

There is no more to say on these delightful new blushes. Are you enamoured as much as I am?:)