Thursday, 19 February 2015

Beauty Addict Tag

So when contemplating on how to start  2015 after a unexpected long hiatus, I contemplated a few post ideas. I was then tagged by Gummy of with # beautyaddict. Bearing in mind that most beauty bloggers start there blogs because, yes, we are beauty addicts I thought this would be very appropriate way to start of my posts for the new year. So here goes:

1.Which products do you keep buying more of despite having plenty of in your collection?
I was initially going to say lipstick! But, I think my most prolific product would have to be foundation. I am always on the hunt for a flawless natural finish for my oily, temperamental skin. I have a foundation wardrobe that would rival a Sephora!

Foundation Wardrobe - a few not pictured!

2.What's the one product you can't live without ?

At the moment I would say undereye concealer - my beauty sleep at the moment does not seem to be working, so I need to perk up my undereye area. My new favourite is the By Terry Densiless concealer which has skincare benefits in as well!

3. Favourite Makeup Brand?

This is titled 'Makeup Addict Tag' , right!? If I have to look at what is in my collection I have to choose Tom Ford, Armani , Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Tilbury..... Hourglass . Sorry I forgot myself there for a moment!

4.How big is your makeup collection?

Not as big as my favourite vlogger Tara from Tarababyz - and if I tell you I might have to kill you !!

5. And how do I store it?

I do try store it in brands, but I am in need of some serious Perspex units-on my wishlist, but I keep spending on new collections!

6. How many items of makeup have u got in your handbag at the moment.

I have just taken about a ton of lipsticks out as my bag had got to heavy. Surrat powder for keeping shine away (reviewed here) , Nars velvet lip liner in El Agua, Lipstick Queen in Medieval - a really flattering sheer juicy red for everyday, Surratt Lipslique in Hevyn (reviewed here) and Nars Audascious lipstick in Anna (reviewed here)- okay so I did just say I had taken a lot out..... 

7. If you could raid another blogger's stash, who would it be?

Undeniably Tarababyz - a swoonworthy collection for any beauty addict!

8. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?

I get up early to do the school run, but need to be ready for the day ahead - a good 10 minutes - 
Primer for face, primer for eyes, concealer, foundation, macara, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush as a general rule of thumb- 8 products, so that is 1. 25 minutes per product!

9. Have I ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn't use it?

Limited editions are a beauty addicts kryptonite - In the past I may have bought one or two products that I not sure if I would use it. But I'm now try to be really discerning! There also have been products that I thought I would love but just do not suit me or do not perform as I had hoped.

10. Tag a few other Makeup Addicts!!

No time for this, need to go buy some more makeup - new Tom Ford duo's have just launched!!