Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Viseart Palette Basic 01- Matte

This palette is what legends are made of....... I finally took the plunge about three months ago and bought the Viseart Matte palette . After hearing murmurings about the must have matte palette that all the makeup artists in hollywood use, I knew I had to have it. Reviews and pictures of this palette were harder to find than a real life unicorn, but after my 'research' that this is the most used product on TV shows , where I think the makeup is beautiful etc etc. I pulled the trigger and never looked back. This palette can create dramatic contouring, can be used for brows and wet as liners - it is a true makeup artist work horse . For lil' 'ol me, it is the perfect neutral matte palette.

The packaging is more like a pro palette and less like a luxe offering I am used to, but I guess it make me feel more like a pro. From the pictures you can see the 12 shadows are housed in a sturdy plastic casing with a clear top. Nothing fancy, but practical for the true makeup artist. All the shades are true mattes, with no satins or shimmers at all. They tend to kick up powder when placing your brush in to pick up product, yet have no fall out when placed on the eye. So while they do not have an overtly creamy consistency, they are not dry at all. From the swatches you can see there is a large selection of peach tones, warm coppers, taupes, and finally a cool dark grey and sooty black. They all blend well for matte shades.

Since I struggled to find swatches of this palette, I do hope this has been helpful. I would love to extend my Viseart collection.  They have have a beautiful pearl and  a matte darks palette but am still looking for good swatches to make my picks!!

This is not a necessity, but for a beauty lover it just might be.