Friday, 22 March 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders In Dim and Diffused - Perfecting powders that create a flawless finish

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders were released with much fanfare. Hyped as the next best setting powders with "magic" powers I just had to get my hands on this new phenomenon. The reviews were initially amazing, seemingly churned out by the same PR machine, then came the onslaught of not so favourable one's. I nearly backtracked and was going to tell my Hourglass enabler (husband enroute to Sephora) to abort the mission ( yes I bought these babies!). I held steadfast and became the proud new owner of Dim and Diffused.
I can wholeheartedly jump onto the I LOVE THEM bandwagon!
I chose these two sight unseen, but they seemed the most universal and suited to my light- med skin tone. Here is how they are described.

  • Dim - neutral peach beige powder
  • Diffused - soft, warm pale yellow powder

Ambient Light Powder in Diffused
Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim

I have oily skin with fine texture, few large pores in some area's. I use the two shades depending on the foundation I have used and the effect I want to achieve. Dim, which has a balance of cool and warm tones is meant to blur imperfections. If I feel I need a bit more radiance and a hint of warmth this is my go to shade. This is also determined if I am wearing one of my 'lighter foundation' as Dim will add the slight depth of colour (ever so slightly). I swipe my Bobbi Brown powder brush into the pan. It picks up quite a bit. Shake of excess and use swiping motions on the face, starting from the centre outwards. The idea is to give a light dusting in a soft stroke. Buffing not needed and is too heavy handed.
My pores are 'erased' and my skin looks airbrushed. Careful!, too much and you could look too flat.
Diffused which targets redness and imparts a fresh illuminated look, is used mainly on the centre of my face, to give a wide awake luminous finish. I almost look like an eraser has removed all imperfections.
Both these powders do give a glow to the skin. I cannot pick up any apparent sparkle on the skin once applied. They have minimal oil control properties, but they are not advertised as such. They do set my makeup and it looks fresh hours later. so definitely extended the wear of my foundation.
If I had easy access to these wonder powders I would add Mood light, and maybe Ethereal light, mmmm and maybe Radiant light. I would recommend trying these in store to see which shade would work best for you, especially if you have very pale or a strong undertone of red or yellow.


I was concerned, these would not live up to dream in my head of silky perfect skin. I think Hourglass really worked had to perfect this formula. Be mindful with application. Find the best brush for you and your skin type that will allow this powder to veil not cover your face. If you have more than one foundation, play around as I do find it work better over some than others. I am loving the effects that these lighting powders give and everyday is a new day to create a new look. Hourglass cosmetics is loved by many A-Listers and lil' ol' me!

What are your feelings on the new Ambient Lighting powders?


  1. Yay!!! Very happy to hear you love these!!! The swatches look beautiful...I'm sad they didn't work for me. *sigh* LOL :-)

    1. HI Gummy- I've really think there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to foundations and setting powders!. If you are looking for colour correcting I have used the By Terry Eclat De Teint. A makeup base that is in different shades to colour correct. I used Vanilla peach, a peach shade to help diminish the appearance of my pigmentation. Same idea as the Hourglass- different format. Setting powders are also a continual quest. I have yet to find an oil control one that mattifyies my oily skin without loosing the look of skin. Hourglass Ambient powders work for me as a wonderful "slight of hand' and tricks everyone into thinking I have really smooth, amazing skin!! At least you will have fun trying to find the next best powder for you!!