Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Perricone MD OVM - Eggsellent Anti-Aging Serum

A very corny heading to very serious skincare product. OVM was launched at Sephora at the end of last year and a few weeks earlier on the Perricone MD site. I received mine for review a few weeks back and am now ready to share my thoughts with you. This product is a new innovation, which takes thinking 'out of the box' to new heights. In the past Dr Perricone has focused many of his products on Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, of which I am a huge fan. Then came his Blue Plasma range (formula 15 and other Perricone lovelies) and now OVM. This unique product works on re-energising the skin and adding volume, which as you age, is lost. The idea behind the product, is based on how the membrane that surrounds an egg nourish's and protects the egg yolk and white within. OVM was born. It is described as "A bio-matrix technology with  Eggshell Membrane that delivers unparalleled anti-aging benefits." It sounds sci-fi, but grounded in real science!

OVM has become an integral part of my morning skincare routine. after cleansing and toning, I apply this light serum, and then follow up with Perricone MD Photo Plasma. The texture reminds me of a frothy whipped yolk. It is slightly tacky upon application , which then disappears. It had a fresh scent, that I find pleasant and does not linger. It has a combination of Eggshell membrane, DMAE and Retinol as the key ingredients. I have had no irritation at all, even with the inclusion of retinol in the product. I classify it as a serum, as it is a targeted product that precedes my moisturiser.

I love my little white jar of goodness. I have definitely seen a fullness and density return to my skin. That elusive plumpness that I see in my daughters skin, I can now see emerging in my own. I have hardly made a dent in use of this products and can say it will last a good few months. Hurrah for that!
What new wonder products have you started recently?

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