Monday, 26 May 2014

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato - Spiced Orange (CR 04), Berry Berry (PK 01) and Milky Framboise (PK 02)

The SOFT matte is the new trend of spring 2014 and I love it!. So is the trend of a lip and cheek duo use product that mix and match.This is definitely their moment. I recently reviewed the delectable YSL kiss and blush creations here, and today bring you there ' doppelgänger' the Shu Uemura tint in gelato' ! (..........secrets out, I watch the Vampires Diaries!) I chose three pretty shades sight unseen: Spiced Orange ( -a fresh coral), Berry Berry (- bright hot pink) and Milky Framboise (- Rose). If you look at both reviews you will see I almost selected the same colour array in each brand.

Shu Uemura has opted for a lip gloss type casing with a pointed oval applicator similar to the YSL. I like this version for 'in my bag' purposes , but love the little 'paint pot' look of the YSL. Both have narrow necks to stop excess product on the applicator. The gelato is highly pigmented, but slightly less mousse-like like the YSL, but rather creamier than the YSL. I find the SHU gives a stronger pop of colour on the lips and the cheeks at first swipe. The YSL is softer and you will have to build colour intensity. I also need a few swipes on the lips to get a bold look. The SHU gives colour more quickly, but can still be blended for a softer look. One swipe gives a strong colour on my lips, yet I find these slightly more drying than the YSL. I also think the SHU lasts longer on my oily cheeks. As mentioned above, the finish on the cheek is a soft matte. This means no sheen or glow, but soft colour that is matte with no harsh line- almost blurred. It has the same look on my lips. These both are fun to use but I think the YSL win by a nose (freeze frame to check!), but seriously it like splitting hairs, both are lovely.

Spiced Orange (CR04), Berry Berry (PK01), Milky Framboise (PK02)

All three blended out- longevity!

Are you a fan of the new cheek/lip duo's?


  1. Hi Jo,
    I also have Berry Berry but found it out to be too strong on my lips so I wear it as a stain. I think that lip cheek thing is nothing new, my mom used to tell me wearing my lipstick as blush. She never purchased blushs lol. Anyway, I found it a bit of a pity though that if you like a nude lip, it barely shows on your cheeks unless you are very fair.

  2. Hi Sara
    I agree it not new-hello Nars multiples and Bobbi Brown pot rouge. I think the marketing for the YSL particulary made it fresh and new-I mean Cara Delivigne can sell me anything.I think the innovation is the new formula. Berry Berry is v bright for the lips but so pretty on the cheeks-did u get any of the YSL?

  3. I do like these quite a bit on the cheeks... but I prefer the texture of the YSL ones on the lips. But these are so much sexier to carry around! So... it's a toss up really. Money be damned! ;)

    1. Hi Linda- the YSL feel a bit drier but I think are more moisturising in the long run- yes the Shu are easier to carry around - a full set of each are in order:)

  4. the third one is prettier than the others for me. I like the color while it fades. I think its perfect for this season.

  5. Hi Ana,
    They are wonderful smudged and blended out!