Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shu Uemura Umask palette in Pink - Review and swatches

Shu Uemura has so many hero products. I love their cleansing oil, eyelash curlers and wonderful lashes! For Spring 2013 they launches their Blossom Dream collection which included 3 eyeshadow palettes and if I am not mistaken all are matte palettes. Trying to be practical I went for the most neutral and chose Unmask palette in pink. This was my first venture in 'Shu' shadows as I only previously owned G White Gold. Sadly, this palette has left me wanting and I'm not sure I will purchase Shu Uemura shadows again. I had swatched their Karl Largerfeld collaborative palettes and the shadow seemed really exceptional. I also felt their single shadows and I have a list of single shadows that I really want  wanted!

Firstly let me start by what I did love about this palette. The packaging is sleek, reusable (as the permanent shadows and cheek refills can slot in) and so cute. The colour combination of this palette really is appealing. It is a palette of matte shades which is unique and hard to find. I thought this might stop me buying the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette as the two light shades looked like dupes. NO!
From Left to Right:- Soft warm pink, Bright coral pink, warm coppery brown, Dark flat chocolate, warm cream to round it off.

When I swatched the colours I inadvertently put a damp finger on one of the pans. This created a hard no-go zone that I had to scratch off before I could get to usable shadow. Matte's are notorious for being powdery and hard to blend. I managed to pat and build up the shades but these shadows are chalky and virtually unblendable. I was so upset as I though I would love this palette. It is quite an expensive palette at $65,  I expected the quality to match.

I do not like to write negative reviews. I am hoping some of my readers have creative tips for me how to get the best out of this palette. For now I'm going to stick to my Smokey layers lashes and hope that Shu Uemura improves on their poor performing shadow formula.

What has your experience been with Shu Uemura eye shadows?

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  1. Oh, that's sad! I'm sorry the quality was so lacking! I love Shu cleansing oil, too. That is a daily staple... along with so many other things. I do really like a few of the singles I own, but they are the shimmer ones and some older ones. The newer mattes have also been unimpressive for me.

  2. Oh Belly - what a sad sack I am- such high hopes dashed by poor performance. What brand has good mattes in your opinion?

    1. RBR has fantastic mattes! Also Suqqu, but you get the quads since they no longer do single formats.