Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sunday Riley Good Genes - " I got it from my momma"

I am not one to chop and change when it comes to my core skincare. I have been using Dr Perricone Advanced Face Firming Activator for many years now, But the last few months I have been discovering new Brands that I have found hold true to their promises and results are real.
Towards the end of last year I started reading about Sunday Riley, described as 'modern skincare' on the box. After many rave reviews and press I knew I had to try it. I ordered two products directly from Sunday Riley website. The customers service was good and emails answered when trying to make my choice of products. It's always good to go with a brands 'hero' products. So, I chose Good Genes Treatment, a corrective serum and Juno Transformative Lipid Oil (to be reviewed soon) as they both slotted into my skincare regime at the time.

Good Genes is an all in one night time treatment which target many factors that makes us look older. I used this when my pigmentation was at it's worst and I definitely saw a difference in the darkness of my pigmentation within 2 weeks.( If your pigmentation is very deep I would recommend seeing your dermatologist as some skincare just does not penetrate  and work deep enough as Dr's wonder cream's) They do recommend using their Stimulent III for stubborn pigmentation. But, if your pigmentation is fairly new and close to the surface Good Genes should help. Initially I found my skin to be slightly dehydrated in the first few days, then my skin really took on a new clarity and youthful look. They suggest using this for a quick 5 days to revive dull skin or daily for skin that has been damaged by too much sun, scars, pollution, stress and other aging factors. I used it for about a month and loved it. The product is a liquid that has a pleasant herbal scent. It goes on my skin first, then my moisturizer then Juno Oil.

Good Genes has married the founder's Native American medicinal heritage with today's science to create a careful blend of ingredients:

  • Licorice - target pigmentation, brightens and is anti - inflammatory
  • Squalene - Repairs your skin barrier
  • Yeast Extract - for a healthy skin
  • Lemongrass - antioxidant and optimal circulation
  • Arnica - inflammation fighter with soothes
  • Uneutralised Lactic Acid - line plumper that aid skin renewal while firming the epidermis
  • NV-5 - this is Sunday Riley secret ageless complex which is a mix of Native American Botanicals
When I came home from our summer holidays recently I used Good Genes for about 3 weeks to revitalise my skin after the heat and sun had sapped my skin. I do feel that it re-energised my skin. I have put it away again for when my skin is feeling it needs a boost.

Sunday Riley - "A perfect union of Botanicals and Biotechnology"

Do you believe in the power of Serums?

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