Friday, 29 March 2013

Mac Archie Girls Lipglass in Mall Madness :Team Betty all the way!

The latest colour collection from Mac conjures up my years reading my Archie comics. I was always team Betty as she was more my kinda gal! This collection had both new and limited shades housed in the super cute Betty OR Veronica packaging. I only purchased one gloss, as the rest were not stand out enough in shades to warrant more. I felt a little disloyal choosing a Veronica colour, but I really loved this warm rose shade. It has micro shimmer which adds further dimension.

 The swatch below gives a true reflection of the colour you get on your lips. The sunlight did wash the colour out a bit in the photograph on my lips. This is a great everyday shade which has a bit more colour with out being to strong. MAC glosses are extremely affordable and comfortable to wear. Lightly scented with vanilla, they are slightly tacky. This shade would work on all skin tones and over many lipsticks. I love it alone.

Mall Madness in sunlight

Mall Madness indoors with flash
This collection made me want to put on a cheerleaders outfit and shout for Riverdale High! Did you guys love this MAC x Archie collaboration?

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  1. Oh, wow this is gorgeous!!! I've not been much into MAC but some of the products I've seen reviewed lately really have me interested!!! Did you pick up any other items from this collection?

    1. Yes- I think it was one of the first shades to sell out at our big MAC store. The eyeshadows were in cute pans but were chalky. The MAC MAU said that it was for more beginners, so they could build the colours, pish tosh! There was NO building of these colours. The pearlglide eyeliners are always nice and even better in the Archie Girls packaging, but I had most of the shades. The face powders looked nice and maybe if I had not just bought my Hourglass which are much nicer I might have indulged. All the glosses were pretty but Mall Madness was the winner. The new collection with matching lip and nail colours is worth a look- launching pretty soon, might already be available in the US.