Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Giorgio Armani Maestro Concealer - shade 4 swatches and review :Concealer Series # I

Giorgio Armani brought out a matching under eye concealer, with the launch of their Maestro Fusion makeup last year. Since I love my maestro so much, I had to get the concealer. This review will be the start of my concealer series, as like any good beauty lover *hoarder*, I have a few that I use.

The product comes in a small black tube, while its foundation counterpart (reviewed here) comes in a heavy glass jar with a dropper. I got shade 4 which is a match to the foundation in 5,5 - if you are looking for a match. 3,5 would be a more peach toned choice and I could have gone with either.
The product is a runny liquid and basically comes out quickly, without squeezing, once opened. I think a smaller matching jar would have been preferable, as a dropper would dispense this concealer better.
Packaging aside, this is a lightweight liquid which has less of a dry oil feel the the foundation. This is for good days when puffiness and blue circles are at their best as it gives sheer coverage (the foundation seems to cover more). The Armani sites says with continual use blue circles will fade. I should use it everyday to see if this works! However, this does give a totally natural finish. The site also mentions 'moisturises' eyelids , so it excels as a primer as it even out eyelids perfectly. It applies best with fingers.
It does not settle in my fine lines at all and my under eye area looks hydrated. Wear time could be improved. I saw no patchiness over time, which is a pet peeve with bad concealers. A corrector would be hard to put under this to counteract blue, but having said that I have never used the Armani Master corrector, which is meant to be magical.

I do like this concealer. I do suffer from puffiness and dark circles, so this is in my 2nd tier of concealers. Love the formula, but the packaging lets it down and I'd think I should wear the peachier 3.5 more as it would banish my dark circles. I do like to pair it with my Maestro fusion makeup.
This gets an overall rating of A-

This is how evaluated the concealer and how I will continue to rate the others in my Concealer series.
  • Packaging - Does the product dispense easily. Do I like the aesthetics (is it pretty!). Is it of good quality and hold up over time.
  • Texture - Is the product sticky and does it feel good on the skin - heavy, weightless etc
  • Coverage - Does it hide what it needs to? Does it hide it while still looking like skin.
  • Benefits - What good ingredients does the formula have?
  • Finish - Is it natural, flawless, does it enhance
  • Longevity - how long does it last throughout the day
I would love to hear what you look for a in a holy grail concealer and have you found it yet??

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  1. you are a makeup guru. all hail the makeup guru!!

  2. Aww sad to hear that this could be patchy. I dislike concealer that makes my skin looks patchy; I shall try it in the counter and see if I really like it :)

    1. Hi Memoiselle
      This concealer is not patchy on me- I was just saying how much I hate patchy concealer! If you are looking for a lightweight concealer you should definitely try this out. I have quite a few more reviews coming out in the next few weeks- keep a look out for them- maybe it will help u out.

  3. i have this concealer too and love it! one of my favorites, though I only have a few concealers. (How many is too many? Lol) Does yours like... drip out even when you're not squeezing it?? lol.

    1. Hi Bronzerbunny!
      A mere tip in the wrong direction and the product is everywhere- thats why it did not get an A+.
      I have a *few* concealers, but have amassed them slowly as you know a little go along way so a tube lasts forever!