Friday, 12 April 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigments - *like* Fairy kisses across your lids.

Rouge Bunny Rouge do Loose Glitter Pigments, and they do them well. I purchased Caress of Mink and  Wishing for Wings. Ok, so I know they are pretty similar to the Bobbi Brown loose powders I featured here previously, but I seem to have a penchant for these types of colours. I actually bought these before the BB. Wishing for Wings is a taupe lovers dream with hints of mauve and silver, while Caress of Mink is a rich golden brown taupe . The pigment is finely milled and extremely pigmented (more so than the BB). The applicator is small, so precise application is able to be done. There is minimal fallout as the pigment is so densely packed. Once applied the pigment goes on creamy and smooth. My only wish would be for the packaging to be a bit more sturdy. Pigments are typically shimmery, but these seem a bit more pearly, without loose their lightness.

Wishing for Wings and Caress of Mink

L-R Caress of Mink, Wishing for Wings
Both colours can be used as a wash over the lid or together with the taupe as a wash over the lid and the brown patted in the outer corners in your 'V" formation. These can be patted over more intense colours to add depth to them. So quite versatile! These RBR loose glitter pigments come in 7 colours , with Night Wind Sailing being next on my list. I should reach for them more often, but I just seem to reach for pressed shadows more often. Old habits are hard to break!

Which are your favourite Brands for loose shadows?

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  1. I still have never used a loose shadow before!!! maybe when I get the hang of regular shadows I'll venture into more exciting territory with something like this....beautiful!! Happy you enjoy them!!

    1. I have already forgotton to use these little gems! Good for layering over ur favourite cream shadows too! Just go for it Gummy!!