Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Addiction By Ayako Summer Limited Quad in Soda Lunch

Addiction By Ayako summer 2013 saw the release of 6 quads, two of them being limited. Soda Lunch is one of those limited quads that I just had to have. Since this is beyond ridiculous to get hold of and now OUT OF STOCK, this post is purely for ogling purposes! The dinosaur is so sweet on the front and his look really matches the colours inside. The 3 brightly coloured shades are a matte in theory but go on with a creaminess that defies their 'matteness' - huh! They all have a sheen to them making them a matte, BUT BETTER. The yellow shade is fearless and goes on like a vinyl overlay on my lids. I feel like a manga goddess with thigh high boots when wearing this shade. When I am feeling a little less bold, the teal and purple shades are fun option worn together or alone. I have seen a few awesome blogs where these colours as shown as washes, but I prefer them in all their shocking glory. The white shade I do find a bit stark against my complexion but I a sure I will find an opportunity to use it. I did also purchase two palettes, not limited and still available - Mudd Club and Sugar Rusk, which I will review in time.

Enjoy the view!



  1. Dino fever, for ever and ever! :)
    This is such a fun quad!

  2. Fun with a capital F ! who thought yellow could be so chic (no not chick but chic:))