Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Charlotte Tilbury liners 3 ways : The Feline Flick, Rock 'n Kohl and The Classic eye pencil

Charlotte Tilbury's new collection I think quite cleverly incorporates 3 types of eye liners, which works well with her ethos of recreating different looks for all your alter - ego's - as her main page on her website asks "Who will you be." Since I like to morph my looks from day to day I had to indulge in all 3 varieties. 

  • Feline Flick - This comes in one shade Panther, a matte warm black. Just enough flexability in the nib, the liner is aptly name as it give the most beautiful feline flick. "Quick fine line shodo pen" is how it is described and  this is perfect. Shodo is the art of calligraphy originating in china then migrating to Japan. These delicate and bold 'illustrations' are know for their nuances and beauty. So this 'shodo' eyeliner is used to create a precise feline flick. Ultra thin lines can be created for the inner corner of the eye to extend the look of the feline eye. The pressure you apply and the angle you hold the liner will change the thickness of the line you create. It has a grip, just like a calligraphy type pen. The matte black shade is good for both day and night as it is intense, but not harsh. I get full colour with one stroke of the pen. It lasts all day, yet comes of easily with my Bioderma eye makeup remover. I have managed to master a pretty good feline flick, and if you have ever attempted these they are not easy.
  • The Classic eye powder pencil. This pencil come in two shades - Audrey and Sophia. I bought the darker brown shade in Audrey. With the trend on long wearing liners, this type of eye pencil has been discontinued by many big brands. Such a pity, as a soft effect is achieved with this pencil. Once layered over my shadow and worked into the eyelash line, this pencil lasts most of the day. It adds definition to the upper lash line and gives my lashes a denser appearance. This can be thickened up for day to night transition. It does loose it's colour a few hours in when I use it on my lower lash line and waterline, but that's pretty normal on my oily skin. I suggest a dusting of setting powder just below to avoid such migration. This is a close sister of Tom Ford's Espresso liner.
  • Rock 'n Kohl is what I think of, when I think of Charlotte Tilbury. This long-wear, dense, waxy liner comes in two shades. Barbarella Brown and Bedroom Black. I bought the brown shade as I already have the Giorgio Armani and Urban Decay equivalents. I will probably also get the Bedroom Black in time as the other two make my eyes itch when I put them in my waterline. The brown is a dark warm black brown that reads almost black. This liner can be used as a sharp line or smudged to within an inch of itself to created a gorgeous smokiness. As near to prefect as these types of liners go.

T-B The Classic Eye powder pencil, The Feline Flick, Rock'n Kohl

L-R Feline Flick, Rock 'n Kohl, The Classic

Here they are after intense rubbing
I hope this review has been helpful to anyone considering the Charlotte Tilbury eye liners.
What are you go to liners?

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