Saturday, 15 November 2014

Lancer Skincare :The Method Blemish control

The skincare brand Lancer seemed to popped on my radar recently. I think it might have coincided with their repackaging. This is another " Dr" brand and so the blah blah goes. I hunted this down in their little home in Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. A very helpful SA CeCi helped me and sampled me their 3 step method in their blemish prone range . Their three step method comes in three variations: for sensitive, normal, and blemish prone skins . After my consultation I opted for the blemish prone. Anyway, I took my generous samples back to my hotel room and used them that night. Nothing works in one use, right!?
I had one day left in New York. I nipped right back to Bergdorf's the next day-let me tell you why!

  • The method starts (once daily) with the polish. This is new age code for exfoliator. So yes, you exfoliate your skin to cause mini 'damage' to cause your skin to continually repair itself. As you age this renewal process slows down, and this polish keeps your skin on 'it's toes' and in a state on renewal as cell turnover is increased. The polish for blemish prone skin has a marginally larger particle  (oilier skin tends to be thicker) which helps sloughs off dead skin cells.  My pores feel cleaner and look smaller. There are other ingredients that help with blemish prone skin conditions. There is peppermint oil to help remove toxins. I love the fresh feeling my skin is left with. Lilac Stem cell compound which has anti- acne and oil absorbing qualities. Salicylic Acid also helps with keeping the pores clear from debris and bacteria. I love this first step - my skin has never looked this smooth and clear.
  • Now we cleanse in the traditional sense with the Cleanse. This helps remove the dead skin cells that have been loosened by the Polish and removes any leftover oil. This cleanser also has the peppermint oil. It is so refreshing. Lots of other ingredients sooth, energise, moisturise and help finish of the cleansing process.
  • Nourish is the final step. The blemish 'Nourish' cream is so good for us adults that have oily skin but still want the benefits of an anti-aging cream. It protects from oxidative elements, has peptides, and has anti-blemish and oil -control properties. I found this cream to be lightweight and hydrating.

My skin has been looking amazing since using this method. Radiant and energised are the first two words to pop into my mind when thinking how my skin looks, since using Lancer. The Lancer method is meant to give you the 'Lancer glow' - I have to agree with this! This is range has seriously impressed me and makes me want to look further at the serums that Lancer offers. I have to admit I indulged and bought the Lancer Microcurrent Powerboost device (review to come) and have loved it too. Dr Lancer's book Younger was an informative read as well.
Ceci at Bergdorf Goodman was excellent when answering all my questions. Please tell her Jodi says 'Hi' if you choose to call and get her advise 212.872.8630

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