Thursday, 27 November 2014

Nars Audascious Lipsticks - Anna, Dominique, Vanessa, Silvia, Raquel

Nars Audacous Lipstick was a major launch for Nars. They had quite a few this year - their dual- intensity shadows are amazing as well (review soon) I think, while all other luxury houses were concentrating on mattes for fall, Nars reinvented the creamy ultra pigmented lipstick- and they did it panache! I purchased 3 Barney exclusives (thank you frond!)- Dominique, Silvia and Vanessa and then after loving them so much - Anna and Raquel.
They do indeed, reach full opacity in one swipe. These pigments are powerful and delivery a creamy punch of colour. They have the texture of satin which leans towards a matte look without the usual harshness that comes with that. This for me is a very modern look. The packaging has lost the rubbery Nars feel and is  cool and sleek. As with most luxury lipsticks these days- it has a magnetised closure- which is lovely except when trying to take a picture and you have a uncooperative Silvia that just kept of hopping out of line! They are not featherlight on the lips , but feel comfortable and wear for a long time. When they start to fade, they do it with grace and dwindle to a lovely stain.

Dominique, Vanessa, Silvia

Raquel, Anna

Silvia, Dominique, Vanessa, Anna, Raquel

  • Silvia - described as Radiant Orchid - all I can say is love- a pop of a bright pinky purple!
  • Dominque - described as Pink Lilac - the most unique of the whole 40 lineup- this channels my inner 90's girl. Its a dusky lilac that is so intriguing. It seems to make my skin tone more olive in a way and gives a very mysterious look. My top pick.
  • Vanessa - described as a mauve nude - apt description. This a good everyday nude without draining my colour or taking away from a bold eye
  • Anna - described as a smokey rose - a wonderful rose shade that is pretty neutral on my skin tone.Yes I'm going to say it- my lips but a bettterrrr! and sexier
  • Raquel - described as a pink nude - this has photographed darker than it actually is. Here it look just lighter than Vanessa - it is quite a bit lighter and gives my lips a flattering ultra nude lip that is lighter than my naturally pigmented lips. If you are looking for a slightly 'blanked out' lips whithout looking weird- this is the one!
There have been so many great lipstick releases this year, but this one blew me away. I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship as I yearn after many more shades! These are kinda what I wish my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick (sorry Darling!) would be in terms of texture and look. If I remember correctly I said I liked them- something was missing- well, Nars found it! With such a big shade offering there is definitely something for everybody. Have you bought any of these Audascious lipsticks yet- any recommendations?


  1. Oooh these all gorgeous! Out of all of them I think Vanessa and Anna seem like my kind of thing, but they're all really lovely shades x

  2. So beautiful, I am eyeing Dominique and Anna, thanks so much for the swatches. We don't have Nars here so I have to live through your descriptions, which help a lot :-*

  3. i tried dominique and silvia (i think!) at the nars boutique in SF shortly after they came out, and really liked them. I think I would get silvia and anna.. but alas i have too many things on my wishlist, and too many unused lipsticks :( Glad to hear they have been great for you! :)