Sunday, 8 March 2015

Currently Loving : February 2015

I was hellbent on doing a favourites 2014 post and had even gone as far as writing and photographing them .  But 2015 seems to be on a strong thrust forward and we are suddenly in March. So I decided to present you will my February favourites . These products I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser - I have been dancing around the Tata Harper range since my visit to New York last year July. The Boosted Contouring  serum is on my wishlist, but I'm undecided. I would not use Tata Harper products for an undying need to use 100% natural products on my face. However, I like the idea that TH is not outsourced to labs that make up a number of other brands formula's, but are manufactured on her farm in Vermont. I actually love the strong floral scents of her products. This is a pure botanical range that is meant to deliver results. I decided to purchase the Purifying cleanser when Net-a-porter had free shipping!. If I could order this in vats I would! It has a gel type formula with a slight oily texture, which does not foam. I massage it onto dry skin and sometimes throw in a little facial massage. It has an invigorating and refreshing sensation. I rinse with water and my skin is left soft an clean. It does suggest to apply on damp skin ,but I find I use too much and it does not feel as clean.

Koh Gen Do - Cleansing Spa Water - This is a really effective but 'gentle on the eyes' cleansing water. This is meant to have more skincare benefits than Bioderma. I love them both and they work equally well in removing makeup. So use whichever is stocked in your area. Unfortunately I bought 4 of these minis when traveling, so I am trying to use them up slowly - I'm on bottle # 3.

Perricone MD Formula 15 -a long time love of mine! -I recently started using this again in an effort to use up my open products. I had not used it for some time as I do try lots of new products. But, am once again seriously impressed with the results I get when I use this amazing serum . I have reviewed this previously here. Perricone does have two new concentrated serums being launched on QVC and hopefully everywhere else soon. I have my eye on these as my skin just seems to love Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser - My skin has finally settled after the upheaval my illness caused. Nars tinted moisturiser (in Groenland) just looks amazing on my skin. My skin is hydrated and looks fresh. I cannot wait for my order of the new Luminous weightless All-Day foundation arrives!

By Terry Terrybly Densiless Concealer - I got this in the beginning of the year sight unseen. I had a tiny sample of shade 4 which matched my skin perfectly. But, I wanted it to be slightly brightening so I chose shade 1. When it arrived I thought I would have to wait to buy shade 4 and mix it as it looked ghostly pale. With a sigh of relief it actually works perfectly. It brightens the under eye without looking like and owl. This is a creamy formula that never creases on me. I also has enough coverage to hide my lack of sleep. It's also packed with skincare ingredients. I reach for this concealer most days. I can highly recommend this to all those 35+ as the skincare benefits can only add to whatever eye cream you are using.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Lash Stretching Mascara- I got this Armani formula by default as my makeup mule in Hong Kong said the mascara I asked for was out of stock (obsidian -love) and my second choice ETK Extreme was also out of stock. Said mule also said Sales Associate looked so bored and was yawning. I screamed down the phone " take whatever mascara she has in stock and in black." I can safely say I have never met an Armani mascara I did not enjoy. Even thought this is meant to be lengthening I find it a good all rounder!

Lipstick Queen - this was my second LQ acquisition. Lipstick Queen hit out shores the end of last year and I am working on building my collection. Medieval is the red meant to suit everyone. While I cannot attest to that selling point I can say it's a wearable everyday natural juicy red. My lips are hydrated and feel comfortable wearing this. I will do a post soon on the LQ shades and formula's I have. Definitely worth a look for lipstick lovers.

Nars Pro Prime - everyones favourite primers. Great to keep my shadow fresh on my oily lids. Only gripe is that I never know when it going to finish!

That ends my list of products that I have been in heavy rotation . What have your's been, we must compare notes!
Till next time.


  1. Oh how I wished that you have swatches of that lippie. So curious about it....

    1. I have to agree with Ana! I haven't seen anyone mention this product yet. See it on Ulta though.

      Mandy |

    2. Hi Ana,
      Working on a Lipstick Queen post of swatches of the one's I own:)

  2. Hi Mandy!
    Lipstick Queen is sold at Space NK and Nordstroms in the US as far I know. I could take the whole display stand , lipsticks and all, they are all so gorgeous!