Monday, 23 March 2015

Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost - A Review.

I love my technology, so when it's combined into a beauty device I'm all on board. I think I own about five beauty gadgets and have had varied success with them. Some I have had for years with no trouble at all with the device itself. Here starts my review of the Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost. You will rarely see a blatantly negative review on my blog as I prefer to focus on products I enjoy using. At best a review will be lukewarm and ending in the hope that I will learn to like the products. So yes this review is headed in the wrong direction, but it did start in a happy way.

When I bought my Lancer The Method at Bergdorf Goodman, the Microcurrent was demonstrated to me and I was impressed.So with my $250 device in my pocket I merrily skipped home (you get the picture). I bought the device end on July and arrived home beginning August. I probably used it for 3 weeks 3 times a week. I had also bought the Tria Age-Defying Laser, so when I started the Tria which is a 12 week course I stopped using the Microcurrent as the Tria is a 5 day a week treatment. I might have used it once or twice on the weekends. So fast forward to December when we go on summer holiday, my stay in hospital, I now find myself beginning February ready to start with my Microcurrent again. The time line is important as the device was merely 6 months old with about 20 uses on it- so really almost new.
So when I took it out to use, I ran it along the prescribed area, the geranium head plopped off onto the floor.

I emailed customer service (where a response I have found, takes days) and relayed my story about my broken device. They said I should return it to BG. I then explained, that I live in South Africa. Days later the the response was that I would be sent a replacement device and would I please send my address. I rejoiced in such good customer service and a brand that stands by their product.
Think again- I then received an email stating I must send back device. Mmmm, did I not mention I live in South Africa. The shipping cost would be the same price as a new device?!
Again a response that a shipping label would be sent to me. Impressed. Yes I was.
That is when the wheels fell off. The following email stating there policy is I must send device back before they would send me the replacement device. I sent through a picture of the broken device (above).
I then explained that before this policy had been known to me I had been promised a new device and they should stand by the first email.
So here is how it stands - I was told that I was 'misinformed' and that a return label could not be sent outside the U.S. I have in the past has a bag that perished from Alexander Wang , where yes they did indeed send me a return label via email and my broken bag returned to them on their cost and a new beautiful bag shipped to me?!
So in my mind Lancer is happy to sell products with inferior quality as I would expect an expensive device to last longer than 6 months. I think that discretion on their part , by organising me a new device without having me to send back the old one, would have been the better thing to do, if they indeed could not find out how to get my old device back to them- fedex ring a bell!? I do understand that I live in South Africa, but it literally fell apart too soon after purchase. This is where I think somebody should have used there head and decided to stand by the quality of the product and made a plan for me.
I was not even told whether could use it in this state or if I could repair it. At this point it makes quite an unattractive paperweight. No further communication.

I will say that while used it for those 20 odd times my skin felt invigorated and toned and was really looking forward to continued results. I was genuinely disappointed when it just fell apart.
I really have had a bad customer experience with Lancer. I have actually just invested in one of their serums 'Younger' - but honestly if I could return it and support a brand that supports its customer better I would. This is just my personal experience.

I did hesitate again in decided whether to post this review and what I hoped to gain. I tend to be really brand loyal and buy into the ethos of a brand and when I feel let down I almost feel a trust has been broken. So I will be moving on.......


  1. Ugh Jo. That is SHIT customer service. Have you tried contacting BG to see if they would step in?

    Shame on Lancer!

    1. Hey Belly!- Thank you for saying it like it is!! I did not think of contacting BG as I do not still have my receipt and I thought that could be a problem though I have the name and email of Lancer SA who helped me?!

  2. The product seems a good one but their customer service is very disappointing. This makes their product less interesting.