Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation and Primer: Review and swatches

So I thought it would be fitting to do a review on the Pat McGrath Foundation and Primer on the eve of the launch of her complimenting concealer system which will be available from tomorrow on her site. Pat McGrath started her line with her amazing mothership eyeshadow palettes. These are drool-worthy, with excellent formulations in her mattes, satins, metallics and glitters. These are definitely investment pieces but with the further launch of smaller palettes and single shadows, her brand has become accessible to all budgets. The foundation and primer were launch around July last year.

A well-loved duo of the Pat McGrath primer and foundation
I was lucky in choosing a shade off reviews and the site itself and ended up with shade 10. It is described as ‘Light Medium w/ peach neutral undertones”. Without really knowing if the any shades would be a more perfect match, shade 10 is a good match for me. Much has been said about alcohol being high on the inkey list, I have had no adverse reaction to its inclusion and quite probably benefit from it, as I tend towards oiliness. That being said, skin prep is always the key, whether you have dry or oily skin. The texture of the foundation is light and serum-like. I like to give it a quick shake before dispensing one pump for a light cover, and a second, to go back on area’s that need extra care.
Fingers give a more natural sheer look, and with a brush I can build to a medium, more polished complexion. The foundation does have an immediate grip to the skin and dries down relatively quickly. I do not find it oxidizes. Depending on various factors, including how much I’ve used, powdered, oiliness of my skin on the day, if I have used retinol or acids the night before which tend to dehydrate my skin, will reflect the longevity of the foundation.
It gives your skin a healthy, glossy finish. I typically powder, to preserve the integrity of the foundation as I have mentioned the oily nature of my skin.
The primer is also nice for some added hydration. I’m not sure if it ensures longer wear, but it provides a fresh canvas for the foundation. I would have loved for it to come in the same glass bottle, but perhaps in black, rather than the plastic one it comes it.
The foundation for me is the star of the show. I cannot wait for the concealer, setting powder and brush trio!

Primer, Shade 10

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