Friday, 14 February 2020

Roen Beauty: will make you feel every bit an ‘It’ girl

Roen Beauty has been in my cart for months, but since shipping to South Africa was not (yet) an option, it was a desire unfulfilled. After many attempts I finally have two of their amazing products in my possession. I purchased the 75*  Warm palette and the Disco eye. Here is my review:

Uber luxe packaging
Let’s start with the Warm palette. An array of warm brown, taupes, butter gold and amber, these shades are set within a compact case that has a magnetized closure. It’s also happens to be a perfect size for on the go touch ups or travel. All shades have a pigmented base with  gleaming sparkles throughout. The effect on the eye, is a on-trend ‘lived in’ look that makes me feel both feminine and ‘cool girl’ all at once. Initially, dip your finger in to warm the product and get to the good stuff. I have applied mostly with my fingers and then used a brush to diffuse and blend. Nikki Dust is my all over shade. I add either J’adore for a more sunset tone or Facetime to add depth to Nikki Dust. The shade ,Obviously can be used in the inner corner or as a pop on the centre of the lid. Of course us, each shade can be used as single washes or mixed to create so many looks. These shadows, are perfect for white tee and jean days as well as all night parties. My main concern was, was it going to crease. While I don’t mind a bit of creasing, on my oily lids it can become unflattering. So let me tell u the skinny. No creasing when I have worn it without and with primer. It also lasts excellently all day. I was curious about the texture since much has been written about it. It feel creamy to the touch but it is unlike any other eyeshadow in my collection. It is especially unique and I’m in love!

75* Warm Palette Disco Eye, 

J’adore*Facetime*Nikki Dust*Obviously
Roen Disco Eye is a topper as well as a ethereal stand alone shade. Drier and grittier to the touch, this shadow has a combination of small and larger glitter flecks which impart a magnificent shine on the eyes. When applied, their are no discernible particles and the effect is beyond pretty. I do have a love for sparkle and this is truly one of the best I’ve tried.

Disco eye

I would have bought the 52* Cool palette, but wanted to experience the warm palette before investing in both palettes. I am now disappointed that I have to wait, again for it to arrive. Nikki (Roen’s creator) has teased at a new color palette early in 2020 as well as a new category (other than the Wow Brow pencils). Roen ticks all the boxes needed for a ‘now’ brand being vegan, cruelty free and clean. This brand is now fully on my radar.

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