Friday, 17 August 2012

Sara Happ "the lip scrub" and "the lip slip"

I recently reviewed my top lip treatments. I mentioned that I was waiting for my Sara Happ products from BeautyBay. I know am happy to say, I have received them and have been scrubbing and treating up a storm. I purchased the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and the Lip Slip. I had been looking around for a scrub for my lips, especially since the rise in popularity of matte lipsticks, that need smooth lips for best application.

They both come housed in cute little boxes.The actual container is not as luxe as the outer one's, more practical than beautiful. The lip scub I chose was the Brown Sugar scented one. It's is rich brown in colour with chunky brown sugar granules. I have not yet mastered keeping the product just on my lips! This has a light sugared scent, which is not too overwhelming. It gives a good scrub and leaves the lips tingling. Lips are hydrated with Jojoba and grape seed oils.
The lip slip is light ballerina pink, but goes on clear. I save it for nighttime as the application is " finger in the tub". There is a tube option which would be good for your handbag. The formula is fairly thick and does have a stickiness to it - not as much a "slip". I don't mind this as it then nourishes the lips for longer as it adhere's more. It is packed with Jajoba, Sweet Almond and Macadamia nut oil . This is describes as a 'luxe balm' which is an apt description .

I love the lip scrub! My lipstick go on smooth and there are no flakey bits. I would love to try the green apple as it looks fresh and summery. The lip slip is also very nice and I think because of it consistency the jar will last a long time.

Which Sara Happ products have you tried ?

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