Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Variation

My Chanel counter has received the "mini" collection featuring there new Inimitable Intense mascara. With it came two new eyeshadow quads - Variation and Intuition. I chose Variation. Intuition was very pretty, but the shades were in the brown/gold family and I found more interest in Variation. The collection also had 2 Illusion D'Ombre's - Abstraction and Vision, both beautiful additions to the Illusion D'Ombre family.

The quad offers a mix of textures. The top two have more of a iridescent quality. The first shade is a soft satin ballet pink. The next one is a subdued bronze. They are great for base use and highlighting area's of the eye.. The pink mauve on the bottom left has tiny matching sparkles which twinkle silver in sunlight. The only matte shade is an intense brown plum colour for contour, outer corner or lining the eye. This is a wonderful combination of shades which can start at daytime romantic and be amped up for evening vampy! The textures of these Chanel shadows are soft and easily blended. They give quite a soft focus effect, rather than a crisp definition of shades, which I get from my Nars shadows. I could even see this quad used, especially the intense plum, for the new goth look. I would love this paired with Nars Damage sheer lipstick, for the day, which is described as a "sheer muted grape"

This is a great transition quad before the Chanel Fall 2012 hits our shores.


  1. That looks very pretty, I'll have to check that out when I am next at a counter :)

    1. Hi Replica- Chanel 2012 is now out and the new soft touch shadows are also worth a look- review coming soon......