Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush Kit

So as I mentioned, a few weeks back when I purchased my first Le Metier De Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, I also purchased the blush palette. I have now had quite a bit of time to play around with my palette and can now formulate a good opinion of it. It has four colours with two textures, within the kit. These are meant to be worn alone or layered to create a more natural blush. The theory is, as I understand it, is that we do not blush one colour, but when we blush it is more multi-dimensional. The concept is great, the execution for me was lacking.

I have to say, I had high hopes for this kit as LMdB is a big favourite amongst beauty bloggers. At first glance (try), the product looks soft, because as you wisp your blush brush across the pan, the powder immediately settles on the bristles. After tapping the excess off, the application, for me still seemed a bit heavy handed. So while pigmentation is a plus when rating makeup, I did find this product too intensely pigmented, if that is possible. I kept on trying to "unbuild" my blush. I have fair to medium complexion with am olive undertone. I think anyone lighter would struggle with this combination of colours. Mabye this palette is more suited to darker skinned LMdB lovers.
The kit consists of 4 shades. The first two are a matte deep orange , and a matte bright rose. The next two have shimmer with the first one been an apricot with gold reflects. I found this one accentuated my pores. The last shade was my a favourite. This was the most workable and buildable shade. This pink gave a lovely glow with sheer colour.

The LMdB concept and packaging is really nice for travel. I bought this unseen, so mabye if I had swatched it instore I would have refrained from purchasing. I tried applying the shades in all the combinations. I will continue to work with them to see if I can find some trick to make them work. I hope so as this palette did not come cheap. I have now had my playtime with this kit and am definitely warming up to it. My new favourite colour is the matte rose which when applied with an extremely light hand, adds a healthy rose hue to my cheeks, while the apricot colour still  does not enhance my skin tone. So I advise to go try it out before purchasing.
As happy I was with my LMdB eye palette, is as ambivalent  I am with this one. But, as I said above the extreme pigmentation gets some getting used to and practise does make perfect.

LMdB is available at Zuneta where I purchased mine.

I would love to hear what are your favourite brands for blush?

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