Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows- A hit and a miss.

I bought two of the new Make Up Forever Aqua shadows in colours 4E (matte taupe grey) and 8E (matte green). I chose these as they seemed to be the most unusual from my own makeup stash. Also, I chose the grey as my conservative choice and the green as my bold one.

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows in 8E and 4E
I have to say, that I am really liking the grey pencil. It's really good to use to line and smudge out and as a base for  loose pigments. I also used it with my Nars Soft Touch shadow pencils, which are notorious for creasing, and lo' and behold looked beautiful all day. I was less successful with the green aqua shadow. It was a bit less creamy and harder to blend. The dry time, as it were, was minimal to get a good blend. I had to use eye shadow over in a green shade to soften the hard edges. I do think the aqua shadows in the pearly shadows would be more flattering and less hard work. They looked really pretty when I swatched them in the store. Since they are waterproof, the sheerer shades would be great for a summer beach look, when makeup needs to say on, or else!

These two shades seem to lack the creamy formula of Make Up Forever's gorgeous Aqua Eyes eyeliners which glide on with no pulling and tugging. As you can tell from the swatches, application can be a bit patchy in area's. 4E was definitely my better buy, and I think it works fairly well for a smokey eye. My eye makeup did last through the day on my oily lids, so Bravo!
I do not think I will grab for these regularly, but will probably use them when I have time and a more dramatic look in mind. I think this defeats the purpose of the product, as pencils are meant to be handy, on-the-go tools.

What are your experiences with Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows?

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