Friday, 18 January 2013

Burberry Lip Cover in Antique Rose - my lips but better you bet!

I was fortunate enough to purchase two Burberry Lip Covers in Antique Rose and Tulip Pink.

I have Burberry's gorgeous Lip Mists and Lip Velvets, but these are my first Lip Covers. Today I will be reviewing Antique Rose. Lip Covers are more opaque than the lip mists and give more coverage, however they still retain their moisturizing qualities. Antique Rose is comfortable on the lips, but wear time is not anything extraordinary. But, usually the finish and feel is more important to me than wear time ( wear time I think is more NB when looking at darker colours as we want them to wear evenly, without patchiness over time). These Lip Covers contain ceramides to deliver a fuller lip look.

L - R Burberry Antique Rose, Nars Dolce Vita

Burberry's Antique Rose is in the category of  ' my lips but better'. It is a sweet warm pink with a slight nude undertone. while it gives more cover than the lip mists, it still imparts a Semi gloss finish. It is similar to Nars Dolce Vita which is slightly sheerer and has more of a red tint to it. This is a perfect everyday lipstick, that can pair with a simple eye -: Burberry Antique Rose eyeshadow washed over the whole lid and diffused into the crease area and smudge under the lower lash line . Use a medium brown pencil like Tom Ford Espresso to softly line the upper lashline for some definition. Loads of mascara, or you could opt for the new trend of brown mascara for a real Burberry-esque look. Finish the look with Earthy Light Glow Blush from Burberry, this will add definition but not colour to your facial structure, to mimic Cara Delavigne in all her glory in the Burberry ad's (if only.....).

For me Burberry can do no wrong when it comes to their lip products. Antique Rose has found a new home in my makeup bag!!

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