Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric

Giorgio Armani has just launched their spring 2013 POP collection. With their fresh and flirty compacts they have introduced new shades into their already iconic foundation Face Fabric. This makes it a good opportunity to review this foundation that I have been using for over a year. Giorgio Armani just does foundations well - they are effortless and luxurious just like his clothing line.

Face Fabric in Shade 3

The texture of this foundation is mousse-like and you can feel the silicones ( I cannot find the ingredients listing but it has a silicone feel). It has micro-fil technology, one of Giorgio Armani's trademark of their foundation ranges. The foundation glides on over your skin like a fabric and fills and corrects as it is applied. This almost slick texture settles down into a natural satin finish, with a light SPF. My skin looks like skin. I would almost describe this as the precursor to the Armani Maestro Fusion. This might even suit those who have complained that maestro accentuates their dry patches.
My oily skin gets a subtle sheen after about 5 hrs but the face fabric still remains, but I deliberatly did not powder to see the oil control. This does give a 'no makeup' makeup look and I say sits between the Maestro Foundation (reviewed here) and their ultra popular Luminous silk foundation. Maestro Fusion is a runny liquid for a natural finish which evens out skin tones and hides minimal perfections. Face Fabric is spongy, with a "second skin" effect that builds slightly. It hides a few more imperfections then Maestro and does not accentuate my pores. Maestro controls oil breakthrough slightly better. Luminous Silk is more of a medium coverage that builds seamlessly to full for a satin finish which is similar to Nars Sheer Matte foundation. They have introduced one very light shade and two darker shades, but I think Maestro has maybe a better shade selection overall. This has a texture that is best applied with fingers in my opinion, just like Maestro Fusion. Luminous silk will depend on what coverage you want - brush for fuller application .

Shade 3 L - R out the tube, blended
Natural Satin finish in daylight without cheek colour
 This Face Fabric truly drapes and hugs the contour of your face and creates a good canvas for cheek colour and contouring. I think all foundation lovers should check this 'oldie but goody' out at their local counters, as it just might be your daily holy grail. For reference I am 5.5 in Maestro Fusion and Luminous Silk and 3 in Face Fabric, which is slightly warmer than the other two.

I would love to know which is your best Armani Foundation.

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