Friday, 25 January 2013

Caudalíe Beauty Elixir - little droplets of nourishment

Caudalíe Beauty Elixir has been on my wish list for quite some time. Caudalie, made in France , is a luxury natural brand that is widely available. The Beauty Elixir is inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary and her legendary elixir of youth. Well, you got me at 'elixir of youth ' !

The main ingredients are Grape (a Caudalíe speciality ingredient) , Orange Blossom, Rose, Balm Mint and Rosemary. The scent is decidedly minty which is tempered  by the other lovely fragrances, which makes this really enjoyable to spray on. Shake well and spray. Keep yours eyes closed to prevent irritation.  By doing this my eyes have been fine.This was one of Harper Bazaars Hot 100 products and loved by makeup artists. I typically use it midday when I need a metaphorical and physical refresh. The heady aroma's invigorates the mind and the elixir re-energizes my makeup. My makeup looks freshly applied and dewy, any oiliness is subdued. In summer it really is refreshing and in the winter months it plumps up my dehydrated lack lustre skin. It can also be used to set your makeup after foundation, before you apply setting powder, but I do not usually use it that way. As stated on the bottle 0% parabens and phonoxyethanol, 100% natural fragrances and not tested on animals.

I love my Beauty Elixir, which brings a healthy glow to my skin.

What is your favourite facial spritz?

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  1. This product sounds amazing! I've never really invested into facial spritz/toners, might give this one a go next time! ;)

    1. HI Stacey,

      I have tried a few, but this one not only refreshes me and my skin but multi- tasks as a makeup 'setter'. Urban Decay does All Nighter which just sets makeup (think Elnet for the face) and a spray moisturizer for instant hydration (I did see some new varieties as well ). Caudalie has produced a really nice one and my bottle has lasted for ages. In fact, going to give myself a mist right now

    2. LOL you have me sold on this! :D