Friday, 16 November 2012

Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in Amazing - the name says it all.....

Addiction by Ayako has a multi-purpose cheek stick, not disimilar to Nars Multiples. When buying my Addiction eyeshadows in Flash Back and Mudnight Drive, I also threw the cheek stick in Amazing into my virtual basket. Unlike the Nars Multiple which is a large turn -up flat head bullet (everyone get that?), the cheek stick takes on a lipstick form. I prefer this Addiction size for more precise application and for use on the lips. Never in a million years can I use up the Nars Multiple and I just hope I can use half of it before it goes bad. Back to the Addiction cheek stick - it has an unusual gel-like formula, but slick like a silicone product- whatever it is I LIKE. It looks like a really bright colour, but once buffed into the cheek area exudes a natural flush to my face. There is no glitter or sheen to this product. I really wears well on my oily skin and lasted the entire day.

I apply a small amount to the apple of my cheeks and a little more angled up towards the hairline. I use a stippling or buffing brush (fingers too) to blend it in my skin. The effect is rather seamless, even more so than my lovely Daniel Sandler Watercolour blushes. This is a natural creamy stain for your cheek.

I have also worn this my lips. It is comfortable, long-wearing, non- drying with a semi-matte finish. It comes up as a bubblegum pink and can be worn as a light stain or layered for girly intensity. Sheer with a gloss is cute too.
Addiction By Ayako cheek stick come in 14 shades where every skintone could find a good match.

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