Friday, 30 November 2012

Addiction By Ayako in Flash Back and Midnight Drive

Addiction By Ayako has an extensive range of single shadows. They are housed in a sleek black compact, with the pan able to be snapped out of it for easy de-potting. They can then be place a variety of compacts that can house a mix of shadow and blushes. When I bought all my Addiction goodies a while back I chose two single shadows - Midnight Drive and Flash Back. I could not quite decide on what to choose, and wanted to try out Addicion shadows as they come hightly recommended by some of my favourite beauty bloggers.

Midnight Drive
Both these colours are a HIT. Midnight drive is a mint green which is a bit dusty, like it has lost its freshness.  Flash Back is your classic taupe, but this formula is creamy and has serious staying power (here are comparisons with other taupes). I can only believe that the other shadows in Addiction stable are just as impressive as these two. Pigmention is incredible and they blend so easily. They look like velvet on the lids. Flash Back is a perfect basic and Midnight Drive a great accent and for highlighting areas of the eye

Flash Back

These to colours paired together are close cousins to Nars Habanero duo, but more subdued. The Midnight Drive equivalent is crisper and the Flash Back one is more of an intense plum. As we know from previous posts the creator of Addiction- Ayako - was an intricate part of the Nars team way back when. I am loving these shadows from Addiction and hope to increase my Addiction collection soon.
They are amongst my favourite in eyeshadows ranking up there with Rouge Bunny Rouge and Tom Ford. Wish they were more easily accessible........

What are you favourite eyeshadow brands?

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